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BossAction Poker Wagering Room

Poker Wagering Room Soon Open – Tell Your Players

BossAction Poker Wagering Room! That’s yet another add-on revenue stream from the top pay per head services company.

Players can do poker wagering through BossAction’s betting interface

BossAction prides itself on helping sports betting players and those looking to start home online businesses run their sportsbook. That’s why the company offers a How to Be a Bookie guide on its website.

Because BossAction hopes to ensure all sportsbook owners are successful, they’re continually looking to add new services. Their latest service is the ClubPoker Room.

Through ClubPoker, bookie agents can provide poker wagering options. Players can either play in league games or cash games.

Before getting to poker wagering specifics, it may help to remind ourselves how to play the most popular poker game on the planet, Texas Hold’em.

Texas Hold’em Poker – A quick refresher

Most poker players wager in Texas Hold’em, or just hold’em, games. While many grew up playing 5-card draw poker, Texas Hold’em has become the single most prominent poker past time in the United States.

How to play Texas Hold’em

Here’s how to play Texas Hold’em. If you know how to play the game, you can educate your digital casino, racebook, and sports bettors on how to play Texas Hold’em.

  • Players receive a personal hand, two down cards, or hole cards
  • A round of betting ensues
  • The dealer places three cards, or the flop, onto the table
  • The second round of betting ensues
  • The dealer places a fourth card, the turn, onto the table
  • There’s another round of betting
  • After the third round of betting, the dealer places the final card onto the table, the river
  • A final round of betting, the fourth round of betting, happens
  • Players show their cards with the last raiser showing first

Texas Hold’em Strategy Tips

Now that we remember how to play hold’em let’s check out some strategy tips that you can pass onto your players.

  • Money management is key
  • Fold after the flop unless you can make a substantial poker hand
  • Sometimes, it’s best to fold after you receive your two cards before the flop
  • Don’t force something that isn’t there
  • Only bluff after you’ve become an experienced Texas Hold’em player

While it’s easy to learn how to play Texas Hold’em, successful players learn how to read opponents, not just how to play the game.

There’s an old saying in Texas Hold’em, “You must play your opponent, not the cards.” That’s why hold’em has such an allure.

It’s competitive. In 2011, there were 60 million poker players in the U.S.

That was nine years ago. Think of how many poker players are in the United States today, in 2020!

Bookies can offer ClubPoker cash games

BossAction pay per head service agents can offer ClubPoker cash games. Check out the specifications on those cash games.

  • Agents can create cash tables specific to their players
  • Prime agents can open up ClubPoker for their subagents, allowing subs to run cash games
  • Agents can set seats for cash games up to their number of player accounts
  • Players can access ClubPoker cash games directly from their player websites

Cash games are an excellent way for per head agents to run distinct poker rooms. But cash games aren’t the only way agents can provide bets on poker services.

There’s also a league game ClubPoker option

BossAction agents can also offer online poker league games. ClubPoker league games have the following distinct features.

  • The ClubPoker system automatically sets up league games
  • League games are routine, and they run without pph sportsbook involvement
  • Players can use the money in their account to play ClubPoker league games
  • Automatic daily league game balance resets

League games are ClubPoker’s regular hold’em rounds. If BossAction bookies don’t have time to set up cash games, they can point their poker players to league games.   

BossAction’s free sportsbook software promo remains in effect

BossAction will open the ClubPoker Room on July, amid their per head industry-changing promotion.

The company’s current promotion provides its best in class sportsbook software for free until two weeks after the first MLB, NHL, or NBA game. Major League Baseball says they will play their first game on either July 23 or July 24.

The National Basketball Association starts playing on July 30. That means bookies who sign up with BossAction can get free sportsbook services during the NBA’s first return to play week.

That’s a huge advantage for those bookies that sign-up. BossAction’s First Class package is also free, which means in addition to Business Class bookie software, agents get Tru Live Wagering, a 15% discount on the live dealer casino, and phone and live wagering.

Sportsbook operators can kick the tires on the BossAction suite of First Class services. While doing so, they can add ClubPoker and jump-start their pay per head sportsbook businesses.