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BossAction Poker Room is Live

Poker has been around since the 18th century, but its popularity has grown tremendously with gambling being legalized in many countries. And with online gambling, it’s given many poker room enthusiasts even more opportunities to play the game they love. There are an estimated 60 million poker players in the US and 100 million worldwide.

Popular online poker room sites offer great graphics, customizable tables, and tournaments, but how do you know if they are legitimate and trustworthy? Beginner poker players also worry about getting overwhelmed by professional players at online sites. How do they know they aren’t playing against highly skilled players who will take their money in just a few hands? 

How to Build a Reputable Poker Room Site

If a bookie could provide an online poker game for his bettors, they would be more inclined to play on his site because they could trust that they aren’t getting scammed. And smart bookies would keep the skill level of the players fairly even. 

Those bookies would have a one-stop-shop for their players to do all their betting on. The players wouldn’t have to bounce around, and the bookies could keep their players on their sites longer. It’s just good business.

BossAction introduces ClubPoker. It’s the latest program we’ve developed for our betting platform. Your players no longer have to leave your site to play poker. They know you and trust you, making it easier for them to stay on your site. They know you’ll take care of them because that’s what keeps your players loyal to you. 

A Bookies Wish List

BossAction Poker Room is Live

We’re bookies too, so we know exactly what you want in a poker site. Just like we developed the BossAction software betting platform, we’ve created ClubPoker. It’s a world-class poker room platform that compares to any of the best sites out there. As with our sportsbook, you can monitor and control all aspects of the poker game.

  • No Setup Required: Cash tables are automatically created whenever your players access the Club. 
  • Buy-In Limits: Set your players’ Daily and Weekly Win and Loss Buy-in limits. You can keep the stakes low for beginners.
  • Merge or separate player pools: Only let your players play each other or allow players from other BossAction agents.
  • Reports: Monitor your players’ wins and losses and the amount of rake you’re taking in.

The best part is that you don’t take any risks when offering ClubPoker. You don’t have to balance your book like you do with your other sports betting. You simply get the rake of each hand no matter who wins. 

You can keep the players in similar talent pools so the games are more competitive and all your players stay engaged. You can even create your own tournaments to showcase the best talent. 

Help Develop Your Budding Poker Stars

Setting limits on the bets might seem counterintuitive because it can limit your profits, but it’s actually a great way to let your beginner players improve their skills without losing their shirts. If you take care of your beginners so they can develop into skilled poker players, they’ll keep coming back to play on your site week in and week out. 

Give them a safe environment to practice their skills with players of the same caliber. Your players will never have to leave your room when they want to play poker. Even if your skilled players are already playing on other poker sites, you can set up tournaments and have some impressive payoffs for yourself. 

ClubPoker is an excellent addition to the BossAction lineup as it gives agents the opportunity to make more money and bring in more players. Your bettors can now go from betting on the skill of athletes on the playing field to betting on their own skill at the poker table. 

A Royal Flush of a Deal

Become a BossAction agent today and get ClubPoker free for the entire month of June. Starting July, we’ll charge 1.5% of your raked funds for the next three months. It goes up to the low rate of 3% after that. 

Call BossAction now and let our amazing support staff answer all your questions and get you set up for our top-of-the-line sportsbook, our digital and 3D casino games, and ClubPoker. Agents that transfer to BossAction see an average of 23% in increased profit. And that was before we introduced ClubPoker!

There’s no downside to moving to BossAction – only upside. We already have the most sports available for pay per head betting, top online casino services, and premium live dealers. If you were on the fence about joining BossAction before, being able to provide online poker should push you to buy in now. 

Call 1-800-339-4108 now and go all-in with the best bookie software on the internet.