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College Football Mid-Season Report: Bama and Georgia on Collision Course

We’re through to the college football mid-season, one can’t help but wonder if it’s actually 2018, or if we’re repeating 2017. We must forgive sports bettors, and their pay per head agents, if they feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Some college football teams have looked strong enough to make the College Football Playoff. Only two teams, Alabama and Georgia, have looked strong enough to win the National Championship.

Saban’s won 6 national championships. He took a national championship while LSU’s coach. 5 of those titles, including last season, Saban’s won as the Alabama Crimson Tide head coach. Saban’s had nothing but success since becoming Bama’s coach in 2007.

That’s why it’s amazing that his team this season might be the best team he’s ever coached. The Tide averages 56 points per game, ranking 1st in NCAAF. Alabama’s offense averages 567.5 yards per game, ranking 4th in college football. Alabama doesn’t just have a great offense, though.

Bama’s defense is also one of the best in the nation. The defense allows 16 points per game. It’s scary that Saban has rarely played his first team offense and defense in the second half. There has been a couple of games where Alabama might have beaten its opponent by 72 points or more if coach Saban hadn’t pulled his starters.

Saban Disciple Kirby Smart Might Have Greatest Georgia Team Ever

Kirby Smart, Saban’s former defensive coordinator at Alabama, has created what appears to be the second best college football program in the United States. In only his second season, he had Saban and Bama on the ropes in the 2018 National Championship. If not for a brilliant pass by Alabama quarterback Tua Tagavailoa, Smart would have beaten his mentor.

This season, the Georgia Bulldogs haven’t missed a beat. Georgia’s undefeated just like Alabama is. The Bulldogs average 48.2 points per game. They average 485.2 yards while on defense, Georgia only allows 13 points per, ranking 2nd in college football.

The Bulldogs face 1-loss LSU on Oct. 13. If Georgia beats LSU in Baton Rouge, they’ll solidify their position as the second best team in the nation after rival Alabama. If Georgia continues their undefeated season, they could face a fellow undefeated team in Bama in the SEC Championship.

No matter who wins the SEC Championship, both teams are likely to garner bids to the College Football Playoff, which means a National Championship repeat between Georgia and Alabama could happen.

6 Undefeated Teams:  Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, Clemson, Notre Dame, and West Virginia

Only 6 teams in the Top 10 remain undefeated. Price per head bookies must set max betting limits on all 6 undefeated teams to win the National Championship. Max betting limits should ensure that no matter which team wins the title, you don’t lose to much money.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 6-0, 3-3 ATS

Alabama should be a -200 favorite to win the National Title. If they aren’t a -200 favorite in your book, change their odds. Don’t worry so much about using your layoff account from now until the end of the regular season. Bama doesn’t always cover the spread because Coach Saban pulls his starters before the second half starts.

  1. Georgia Bulldogs 6-0, 3-3 ATS

Although Smart had to replace 8 starters on defense, Georgia’s just as good this season as they were last season. The Bulldogs could leapfrog Bama and secure #1 in the AP Poll before the SEC Championship because Georgia’s strength of schedule is slightly tougher than Bama’s.

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes 6-0, 3-3 ATS

Easily, Ohio State’s the class of the Big Ten. The Buckeyes played impressively to beat Penn State in Happy Valley a couple of weeks ago. Ohio State should dominate rival Michigan in their final regular season game before demolishing their opponent in the Big Ten Championship.

  1. Clemson Tigers 6-0, 2-4 ATS

Clemson’s undefeated, but it hadn’t looked great until the defense held a good Wake Forest offense to only 3 points in a massive 63-3 road win in Week 6. If Clemson’s defense has finally gelled, it’s important to pay attention to action on the Tigers to win the National Championship. Clemson coach Dabo Sweeney’s the only person to have beaten Saban for the title the past 3 seasons.

  1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 6-0, 4-2 ATS

The Irish could go undefeated and still miss out on the National Championship. Notre Dame’s strength of schedule has become suspect. Stanford’s no longer ranked after Utah beat them 40-21. Florida State’s terrible this season. USC’s not great and Old Dominion upset Virginia Tech in one of the greatest ATS and money line upsets in college football history.

  1. West Virginia Mountaineers 5-0, 4-1 ATS

 Unlike Notre Dame, West Virginia can prove that it belongs in the College Football Playoff. The Mountaineers battle both Texas and Oklahoma later this season. If West Virginia beats both those powerhouse teams, they’ll have a strong case for a CFP bid.

Bookies must use their pay per head software and set max betting limits on all 6 undefeated college football teams. Don’t blindly use your layoff accounts, though. Make sure to handicap the individual games yourself knowing that coaches like Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, Dabo Sweeney, and Urban Meyer at Ohio State prefer to rest their starters after building huge leads.

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