Custom-Built Software

PROFIT MORE WITH Custom-Built Software

Make More Money With BossAction Software

BossAction uses its own proprietary software. By using our software, we provide you tools and features that improve your business. An improved business means you make more money.


Our software developers are constantly thinking of new ways for you to profit more. See below for some ways BossAction sportsbook software helps you become a more profitable bookie.

Pay and Collect Online

Make online payments and collections securely and easily

Website Creation Services

Create the profit-generating sportsbook site of your dreams

Player Management Tools

Use the line mover, layoff account, and bet alerts to stay ahead of your players

Reseller Package

House and manage your subs on a single platform


Because our software can easily integrate with third-party platforms, you can offer everything a larger offers. Premium platforms have shown to increase action by 15% or more. The more action the more money you make.

Premium Casino 

Latest 3D games and consistently updated table games


Add Live+ and you can provide two in-game platforms. Your players can access game trackers and video streams

Premium Live Dealer

Premium Live Dealer has more blackjack tables. With two live dealer platforms, your players will never wait for a seat

Premium Props

Offer quarter lines, halftime lines, and options on sports star performances