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Agents Gear Up For NFL 2019

Sportsbook Agents, it’s time to gear up for the 2019 NFL betting season and maximize your profits.

We’re just a couple weeks away from the start of the 2019 NFL football season and that brings a smile to the faces of sports bettors and bookies everywhere. American football is the preferred sport for the United States betting market and football season is the time when independent bookmaker’s can boom or bust.

As our annual high season nears it is of the utmost importance that you properly prepare yourself and your sportsbook business for the mad rush of wagers on the horizon.  If you find yourself with a sup-par PPH service or are looking to break into the Pay Per Head industry there is not much time left to make a move to a service which fits your needs and offers agent features that make you money. 

Trying to handle the influx of traffic may seem manageable on your own, and cheaper, but as bet frequency increases you will find yourself struggling to handle the workload. At Boss Action we strive to solve any and all issues which bookmakers run into on their path to profits.   Offering industry-leading features and priced similarly to many services offerings far less, sign up for a demo and let us show you why Boss Action is the right sportsbook agent service for your sportsbook business.

Now that you’re ready to start taking bets, what are some key lessons you need to go over before opening the floodgates? Let’s go over a few not-so basic tactics and strategies to take your NFL bookmaking skills to the next level.

Acquiring New Clients for the 2019 NFL Betting Season

Garnering new players for the NFL is a challenge, but also very do-able, and can continue past week 1 well into the 2019 season.

Logically the first step is to look at your contacts list, cross reference with your sportsbook clients, and find guys who are betting on NFL, but not yet with you.  Social media is a great tool and the people familiar with you will often be willing to join up with you based on a simple text message or email.

Now that you have a base of clients, find ways to utilize your contact list to further grow the players you have under your watch.  Offer a custom referral program within your own sportsbook, all the big offshore books do it, so why not you?  In fact, promotions in general are a great way to not only maintain a high level of positivity amongst current players but is a great way to tempt new ones to your sportsbook. For some reason a lot of small independent bookies ignore the standard marketing practices of large outlets such as offering live odds, messages of games to watch or daily deals, and the aforementioned promotions for both new clients and referrals.

Another often overlooked resource for many bookies, specifically the old school guys, is the power of social media.  Twitter & YouTube specifically have a strong sports betting community consisting of cappers, touts, professional gamblers, bookies and everything in-between.  Building a persona on these or other platforms is a real advantage when hoping to expand.  You don’t even have to promote the fact you are a PPH agent, just post relevant and engaging content and watch your followership grow.  At this point you can begin to contact qualified followers personally and pitch your book that way.

Reading the 2019 NFL Market & Setting Odds

One of the most crucial skills for a sportsbook owner to learn is the process of reading market trends and setting lines accordingly.  There are countless stats which influence public betting and public perception in the NFL wagering market. The more common considerations are a team’s record straight up or against the spread, injury reports and matchup numbers. 

One oft forgotten thing to look into is the news they are seeing on TV, listening to on the radio or seeing online at their sports news outlet of choice.  These days we have access to an unparalleled level of information about anything and everything you can consider.  This allows for a kind of unintentional manipulation of betting lines depending on trending stories on any given day or week. 

The opinions of a lot of the major sports outlets like ESPN and Yahoo don’t really take into account the betting market when speaking on matchups.  If your favorite ESPN columnist really likes an underdog this week, it rarely is based on sports betting stats and more based on individual or team matchups for said game.  This can create a situation where readers are taking sports betting advice from people who are not qualified to offer it. 

Take, for example, a game a couple years ago which the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens facing off.  The Steelers had recently dropped a game to the same Ravens team despite being a far superior team.  This created a hot button issue for the sports media writers to promote heavily, the Ravens seemed to have the Pats number last time out so why expect a drastically different outcome.  Major outlets highlighted the Patriots in-impressive defense and that perhaps the Ravens team had found an exploit in New England’s game plan. 

Oddsmakers noticed and set the Patriots line as just 4.5-point favorite vs a Ravens team they had systematically dismantled for years, all just based on one game.  This was done because the NFL betting public had been influenced by their mainstream sports news and we’re prepared to rally against the Patriots.  This allowed bookies to clean up as many naysayers layer good money on the Ravens to pull off another upset.   Sadly, for them, the upset was on their end as the Patriots rolled to a win and bookies had an extra hop int their step that Sunday. 

The lesson to take from this is two-fold.  First off, keep an eye on NFL mainstream stories in 2019 and how they affect line movement.  Learn how to read these movements and develop a method for exploiting them for bigger profits. Secondly, pay attention to how your specific clients react to news about specific teams, players or otherwise.  The more information you can log about each client, the more prepared you will be to offer them something worth betting on.

Don’t fall into the trap of fading the public indiscriminately at a 100% clip.  Learning when to jump on a line that seems off is paramount to this strategy and the key to seeing long term payoffs.  Take your time and get comfortable before going all in on this tactic, but once you do you’ll wish you’d started sooner.

Finally trust your own handicapping mind and don’t let and public opinions sway you to a side you don’t agree with.  Always trust your research above all else, after all, you are the only one who has you in mind and will be looking out for your best interest.

Taking your Sportsbook to the Next Level

Independent agents need to understand the power which their personal websites hold and just how customizable a Boss Action agent site can be. 

A great way to get a head start before the preseason ends is to change banner images to promote not only the NFL season, but also week 3 of the pre-season.  Sure, the NFLx experience is lame when watching, attending or betting.  But, week 3 has always been known as the closest to real action that we’re going to get until week 1. 

Don’t expect the majority of your client base to get too excited at the prospect of betting on essentially the first quarter of a preseason game, but expect more interested than might be expected with just some light marketing work.  Send out some texts or emails letting clients know that the 2019 NFL preseason is actually heating up and it is a good opportunity to get their feet wet before week 1 kicks off. 

Another tool for promoting your sportsbook is the creation and use of custom graphics which let clients, or hopeful clients, that your book is the place to bet at.  Come up with a catchy tagline, a logo, weekly specific banners or all of the above.  These are great tools when fishing for new clients as quite frankly, most books just don’t bother.  They become complacent and really are just settling for their current stable of players and not being ambitions in the search for new clients. 

These kinds of visual and promotional aids would easily set yourself apart from the pack and make you a much more attractive option than a guy who just settles for the minimum. 

While the sports betting landscape is full of false promises in an industry built on chance, we can offer a legit lock for you.  We guarantee that finding the right Pay Per Head software will not only streamline your sportsbook business, but also increase profits and client experience.  When you pair the lessons offered in our blog with our world-class software, you have all the ingredients for cooking up a winning NFL season.

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