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Benefits of being a Boss Action pay per head agent

Our exclusive bookie software is all you need to get your sportsbook off the ground. If you’re looking to find a worthy side hustle, becoming a Boss Action sportsbook agent might be the solution for you.

Over the last decade, technology has opened the doors to the everyman to the world of online bookmaking. Long gone are the days of bookmakers needing to rely on daily phone calls and mountains of handwritten notebooks to take bets manually.  Not to mention all the bookkeeping and collecting that come along with such a business venture. Today we look at the benefits of being a Boss Action agent.

Here at Boss Action, we offer our customers the opportunity to open a turnkey world-class sportsbook operation with all the bells and whistles that the major offshore books have.

Starting and managing a sportsbook is a daunting and taxing endeavor, especially if you don’t have the right bookie software backing you up.  This guide aims to educate readers who are new to the Pay Per Head industry and present some helpful tips to get you started.

What is pay per head sportsbook software and how does it serve independent bookies?

So you have aspirations of becoming a bookie agent but are new to the game and have little to no idea how pay per head works.  So let’s dive into the basics of what PPH is an how it works to make you money.

Pay per head, sometimes referred to as Price per head, is the exchange of bookmaking software for customers to run their own bespoke online sportsbook.  In exchange, customers pay for the service based on how many players they have, hence price per head.  Boss Action offers a couple of options at different price points which you can review here.

The main draw of using a per head service like the one offered by Boss Action is that all of the features which a quality outlet offers their agents.  Every per head service offers different forms of said services at different price points, we feel at Boss Action we offer the most comprehensive options at a competitive price. 

Being a Boss Action bookie agent revolves around creating your sportsbook, getting clients and having them bet online as one would at any other sportsbook.  So why has the industry grown so much and continues to see popularity rise?  Simple, the ability to perform all tasks required to run a sportsbook can be done from the comfort of your own home.  This ability to work from anywhere combined with the features offered, it’s no surprise that people are flocking to such sportsbooks and leaving the big offshore outlets behind. 

As a Boss Action bookie agent, your players will have the ability to place daily bets on their cell phones, tablets, PC’s and even on some smart TVs.  This allows them the same comfort and security which doing business behind closed door affords.

As many new bookies have learned the hard way, it is critical to find a way to keep all of your cogs running smoothly.  If you fail to do this, you will quickly see your client base dwindle along with your profit margin.  This can, and will, lead to problems enough to force the closure of your new sportsbook. 

The best way to ensure your operation runs smoothly is to purchase the right software to handle the job.  Here are a few of the main advantages of using a quality pay per head software service.

Boss Action sportsbook software and how it works

Our sportsbook software is provided to all of our bookie agents to be used by them and their players.  With the software in place, you are able to check all activities live online and manage every aspect of your sportsbook. Boss Action’s software allows you to set betting limits based on players or events, close or open accounts, set or adjust lines and receive reports on your client’s behavior, among many other things. 

As a sportsbook manager, this software will become the lifeblood of your bookie business and one which you will become intimately familiar with.  Our software allows you to do your job from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection with ease. 

The software is broken up into two different interfaces, one for the agent and one only accessible by players.  Players are only able to access the sportsbook portion of your website, the betting menu, casino, odds board and things of that nature.  As the bookmaker, your software goes much much deeper. 

The bookie interface allows you to seek out and review advanced details of how your pay per head sportsbook works.  This requires some time familiarizing yourself with the software, but we will touch upon a few common features here to get you started. 

Perhaps the most powerful tool we offer is the reports mentioned above, they are highly informative and very customizable.  You can use these reports to keep an eye on your player base and make decisions that are best for your business based upon the info received.  If a certain player consistently is beating you in a specific sport or with a specific team, you might want to think about setting limits on them when they want to wager on such events. 

This is also a powerful marketing tool for your online sportsbook.  These reports will indicate what types of sports your clients are keen to bet on and you can use that information to craft carefully targeted marketing materials to further entice your players to make more bets.

Another feature that has become a favorite amongst our customers is our Agent Payment Solutions. Our APS allows agents to make payouts, accept deposits and collect their money over a diverse selection of methods.  This keeps cash flowing in your sportsbook business by allowing for instant payouts, instant collection and most importantly, allowing players to make instant deposits. It requires little to no setup and the benefits are monumental. 

Current deposit options range from major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard all the way to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. 

One of the more exciting features we offer is the ability for you to design your own custom website to host your sportsbook with a number of different features.  All of our sites come standard with live betting software, but maybe you want to make that the first thing people see when they sign on. 

Say your reports have shown that your clients are only betting on NBA and NCAA basketball, well you can choose to feature those sports prominently at the top of your page for higher exposure.  This along with custom images, themes, and a URL are just the tip of the iceberg.  Rest assured, we can build the website you have always envisioned.

The final feature we’re going to cover here is one often overlooked by bookmakers but can be the most powerful tool at your disposal.  We’re talking about the online casino software that comes included with your online sportsbook. 

Marketing and pushing clients toward this portion of your website can reap huge benefits with the right players.  The goal here is to get people betting in your sportsbook, then heading over to your casino to play table games or slots while the watch the game they just bet on.  This also makes the revenue of live betting higher as players are more inclined to dip over to the live betting section of the website while the games are on and they are already on the main site. 

This is just another brick in the wall of financial success which you can build as a Boss Action pay per head agent.  The first brick has to be heading over to our live demo page and see what our software can really do.  Our customer service agents are standing by 24/7 to help you with any issues or to assist in signing up.  If you are still on the fence then call 1-800-339-4108 for a free consultation with one of our Pay Per Head experts and make the move toward financial independence today!