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How Online Bookies Can Increase Profit on MLB Live Betting

Soon, the only sports league available on which to wager will be Major League Baseball. For pay per head agents, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Only having baseball on which to bet doesn’t mean that agents can suffer revenue loss. What agents must do is look to increase MLB wagering in all revenue streams. One of those revenue streams is MLB live betting through bookie software, which can really help to generate profit.

How Agents Increase Profit on MLB Live Betting

Explain MLB live betting to players – The most important first step to increase MLB live betting action is to explain MLB live betting to sports bettors. MLB is different than the other sports leagues. NHL plays three, 20-minute periods. NFL games last four, 15-minute quarters. NBA plays four, 12-minute quarters.

NHL, NFL, and NBA games are played for a specific time. Bettors know going in how long an NBA game will last down to the final minute of playing time. All NBA games last 48 minutes of playing time. All NFL games last an hour of playing time. All NHL games also last an hour of playing time.

MLB isn’t based on time. It’s based on a number of innings. Every MLB game is 9 innings. There is no set clock. Once the 9 innings are over, unless there’s a tie, the MLB game is finished. Live betting on MLB games means wagering in between every inning. That’s eight chances that sports bettors can place live bets on every MLB game.

Send text messages during high-profile MLB games – Once the pay per head agent has explained live betting on MLB games, the agent must then promote MLB games. The best MLB games to promote are those that are nationally televised. The reason is because there’s a chance that many of the players that receive the text messages about a nationally televised game are watching the game.

Promote specific games before first pitch – This is an important step. Before the first pitch is thrown, per head agents should promote live betting on specific MLB games. Here’s an example:

“This Sunday, ESPN will show Washington at the L.A. Dodgers. Can the Dodgers keep the tough Nationals from the upset? Make sure to wager before first pitch. Also, don’t forget to live bet this week’s top MLB matchup!”