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Seattle Seahawks 2023 Preview

What’s in store for the Seattle Seahawks 2023 team? The Seahawks stunned their fans when they were able to make a playoff run last year. Once they traded their quarterback Russell Wilson, all their fans assumed they’d be a last-place team. But Geno Smith was a much better replacement than anyone expected. His play showed the strength of the offense. Unfortunately, the weakness in their defense was their downfall. 

Was that deficiency remedied with their draft picks and free-agent signings? Will the Seattle Seahawks be good enough to challenge the 49ers for the Division Title in 2023/24? All good questions. Let’s take a look at their picks.

Seattle Seahawks 2023 Preview

Seattle Had Some Ups and Downs During Their Draft Picks

Getting 5th pick overall was a bonus to having a surprisingly good season. When their turn came around, Seattle had the option of Jalen Carter – a talented defensive tackle from Georgia. Unfortunately, there were concerns about his consistency and work ethic. Also, in January, he was involved in a tragic car accident while street racing. It killed two people. 

Even with his undeniable talent, that was too many red flags for Seattle. They have dealt with this type of issue before and it has cost them when they’ve made the wrong decision. In the end, they decided against taking the chance and decided on Witherspoon for their first pick.

No. 5 – Devon Witherspoon, CB. Seattle has a talent for picking cornerbacks in the later rounds of the draft, so it was odd to see them pick Witherspoon so early. But he has both length and speed to come out as a starter.

No. 20 – Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR. He’ll be a perfect complement to DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett because of his natural ability to separate from any defender. He excels in route running and has unbelievable short-area agility.

No. 37 – Derick Hall, DE/OLB. He doesn’t have a lot of athleticism but is strong, has length, and fills a need in Seattle’s defense. They have to be able to get to their opponent’s quarterbacks more often.

No. 52 – Zach Charbonnet, RB. Seattle already has Kenneth Walker whom had a great rookie season in 2022 as a running back. Charbonnet is a solid receiver out of the backfield and a consistent runner. 

No. 108 – Anthony Bradford, OT/G. The Seahawks have two impressive tackles but are a little deficient on guard. Bradford can play both positions which will add protection to Geno Smith.

No. 123 – Cameron Young, NT. Young is another effort to improve their defense against the rush. 

No. 151 – Mike Morris, DE. Seattle was lucky to have Morris still available this late in the Draft. He’s a needed player who can stop the run and get to the quarterback.

No. 154 – Olusegun Oluwatimi, C. The Seahawks needed a center as they also signed Evan Brown as the starter on April 3, 2023, from the Lions. Oluwatimi will be the backup.

No. 198 – Jerrick Reed, S. His only limitation is his size. At 5’ 10” and 195 lbs, he’s considered too small for his position. But his energy and determination have made him stand out with impressive high school and college stats. Seattle was thrilled to be able to get Reed because they think he fits right in and identifies as an ideal Seahawk. He’ll have a tough time breaking the lineup, but it’s not his first time beating the odds.

No. 237 – Kenny McIntosh, RB. He doesn’t seem necessary in a team with a great lineup of running backs, but he is an impressive backfield receiver. 

Free Agents Signed

  • Mario Edwards Jr., DE, moved from the Titans. Seattle is his sixth team since 2018.
  • Bobby Wagner, LB, is returning to Seattle, the team he won a Super Bowl with.
  • Julian Love, S, signed a two-year deal worth $12 million. 
  • Devin Bush, LB, moved from the Steelers where he played his four seasons in the NFL.
  • Evan Brown, G/C. He’s a smart center who, given the chance, can be a great asset to the offensive line.
  • Jarran Reed, DT, has returned to Seattle. According to Reed, it wasn’t a matter of if he would return, it was a matter of when. He was originally released because of contract disputes, but now, Seattle is welcoming him back. He averaged 2.5 sacks in the years he was gone. In his last year with Seattle, he had a 10.5 sack season. His best. Can he return to that?

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