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3 Pay Per Head Tips for Bigger Triple Crown Profits

The Kentucky Derby is May 5. Two weeks later, thoroughbred racing runs the Preakness Stakes. 3 weeks after the Preakness, is the Belmont Stakes. All 3 races combined make up horse racing’s Triple Crown. During this 5-week period, online bookie agents should make more profit in their racebooks then on all other weeks in the year combined.

The reason is because no 3 races are as marketed in the United States as the 3 Triple Crown races. To ensure bigger profits, we’ve written down 3 PPH tips.

3 Pay Per Head Tips for Bigger Profit

The Kentucky Derby on May is the most bet upon horse race in the world. The tips below are mainly for the other two races in the Triple Crown:  the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

  1. Run promotions around the Derby winner ad nauseam until the Preakness Stakes. Then, if the Derby winner takes home the Preakness, run promotions ad nauseam around the Derby and Preakness winner going for the Triple Crown in the Belmont Stakes

This year’s Derby winner could end up winning the Preakness Stakes. The reason is because the top-flight horses:  Justify, Magnum Moon, Audible, Bolt d’Oro, and Mendelssohn, can win.

Whichever horse wins the Kentucky Derby, it’s important to run promotions in the two weeks between the Derby and Preakness around that horse. Offer things like $10 back on $10 wagered on a horse other than the Derby winner to win the Preakness Stakes.

  1. Promote the Derby winner to win the Triple Crown after the Kentucky Derby

The odds on the Derby winner to win the Triple Crown could be anywhere from 3 to 1 to 25 to 1. It depends on which horse wins the Kentucky Derby. From your perspective, it doesn’t really matter. The odds on the horse to win the Triple Crown will be underlay odds. Winning this coveted prize has only happened 12 times since 1919.

American Pharoah did it in 2015. His competition fell off the Triple Crown Trail. Whatever the odds are on May 6 for the Derby winner to take home the Triple Crown, promote that future wager.

  1. Promote racing contests on race days

This could lead to massive action in the online racebook. A great contest might be to offer a $500 credit to whomever wins at least 10 separate wagers on Preakness Day and Belmont Day. You could even offer the $500 credit for the most separate race wager victories during the entire 5-week race span.

Think about the action your racebook could generate with such a promotion.