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How to Maximize Profits on World Cup Betting With Our Sportbook Software

With the World Cup quickly approaching, it’s a good time for online bookie agents to check out a refresher on the best sportsbook software tools to use. All sportsbook software tools below listed should help maximize profits on World Cup Betting.

BossAction Sportsbook Software Tools

These are tools available to all BossAction agents:

Schedule limit override tool – Schedule limit overrides to encourage wagering on games that don’t include name players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar. Also, schedule a limit override if a match has gotten too hot, that’s already taken a ton of action.

Mass editing tool – There isn’t a team offering less than 4/1 odds to win the 2018 World Cup. It’s important that max betting limits are in place on every team to win the World Cup. It’s especially important that max betting limits are on the favorites to win the World Cup:  Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain, France, and Belgium.

Live bet ticker – Delete bets that you aren’t comfortable with.  There’s nothing that says you, the online bookie agent, must offer live wagering on every World Cup match.

The tools below can only be accessed via BossAction’s Premium Plan:

Line mover – Move handicap betting lines on World Cup matches. You mustn’t do this every time. It’s important that you can when you must.

TV listings – There are 48 World Cup games during the Group Stage. That’s 48 individual World Cup matches before the Round of 16. Not every World Cup game will be televised. It’s important that per head agents encourage action on as many World Cup games as possible.

However, it could be much easier to encourage action on games that casual bettors can watch. TV listings allow agents to promote games that bettors can view.

Injury information – How’s Isco with Spain and Ronaldo with Portugal doing going into their match on June 15? Is Messi hurt? Is Neymar ready for the World Cup? Will Germany’s very best hit the pitch in the defending champions’ first World Cup match?

These are questions that injury information can answer. The thing about the World Cup is that in addition to betting on the handicap, the moneyline, and goal totals, bettors can also wager on a draw. The draw could be a wager that you wish to take off the board.

Having injury information at hand allows you to decide when to take the draw off the board.

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