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Tools and Platforms for Per Head Profit

Tools and Platforms for Per Head Profit

Sportsbook software provides tools and platforms to power profits for online bookmakers.

Bookie agents use sportsbook software to provide betting services to their players and to successfully manage their per head service powered online sportsbook. Pay Per Head Service includes a suite of options. 

Let’s dive into a few features and tools the top bookmaking earners use to run their sportsbooks.

Agent Payment Solutions make pay and collect easy

One of the biggest obstacles to running successful sports betting business is the business of pay and collect. 

Many credit card companies won’t support sports betting or gambling of any kind, wire transfers aren’t always easy to do, and nowadays, given social distancing practices taking place everywhere, paying and collecting in person isn’t the wisest option. 

BossAction’s Agent Payment Solution ® accepts both traditional currency via wire transfer or credit card processing, and cryptocurrency transactions. That means when players deposit, they don’t need to get permission from their banks.

Agents can use the APS to make payouts and to collect from players. 

Protect your bookie fees like stock investors protect their stock positions

A stock investor has two goals. First, they want to grow their portfolios. Second, they want to protect their portfolios from losses.

Most investors buy put options to protect their portfolios. A put option is a contract that gives the holder the right to sell shares at a specific price-point.

It doesn’t matter how far the stock price has fallen. The put option contract holder can sell shares at whatever the price-point is for that contract. If it’s $10, that means the investor can sell 100 shares at $10 per share.

A pay per head service agent’s layoff account works similarly. When a bookie makes the same bet in their layoff account as a player, they’re protecting juice, or bookie fees.

The investor protects their stock positions. Bookies protect their juice.     

Your live dealer casino is “Live Nation” for casino players

During the pandemic, Live Nation streamed concerts.

A BossAction bookie’s live dealer casino works like Live Nation streaming concerts—a live dealer streams to the player’s desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

It’s as if the player is in a brick and mortar casino. Some BossAction agents have seen live dealer casino betting action pick up.   

Their reason is that many casino players want the feel of a Vegas casino. They’re also used to streaming content, which means as soon as players hear “live dealer,” they know what to expect.

Provide “Walmart” like sports betting options

While the live dealer casino is like Live Nation for casino players, the sportsbook is like a Walmart Superstore.

We know that you can get anything at a Walmart Superstore. Players who head to the BossAction sportsbook can wager on all every possible available betting option.

That includes international soccer. Premier League, La Liga, and Italian Serie A restart in June. On May 28, players could wager on darts, rugby, the New York Lottery, and the price of Bitcoin.  

Players can also live wager. BossAction’s TruLive Wagering platform is so advanced players could make live bets on sports simulation matches. 

The more betting options per head agents can offer, the better.

Sign-up with BossAction for best pay per head service

Bookies are like head waiters. Pay per head bookie agents are like CEOs.

When you decide to become a per head agent, look to BossAction. Right now, we’re offering a no sports equals no fees promotion. The promotion lasts for as long as major sports remain shut down.

Then, the promotion goes on for two weeks after. Contact us for details.

Pay per head companies makes sports betting tech that allows bookies to make more money and grow their companies faster.

Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing past times in the world. By 2023, the U.S.’s sports betting market should grow to around $125 billion.

Current bookie agents, sportsbook operators looking to work with a per head company, and entrepreneurs who wish to explore bookmaking, have a unique opportunity to build a viable business, getting a piece of that $126 billion by running a successful sportsbook.

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