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Increase Profits on MLB Action

Pay Per Head Agent Bookie Tips on Increasing Profits on MLB Action

Boss Action agents can really up their MLB action and profits by using a few simple tricks of the trade. 

Boss Action bookie agents are really doing themselves a disservice if they are not offering MLB action to clients, or mismanaging the way they do it. There are a few advantages to getting your clients on board with betting on baseball which we will touch upon quickly.

First off, the MLB season bridges the gap between NFL seasons and at times during the summer is the only major American sport being played at all.  This helps bookies who are looking to keep profits churning on through the slow months and keep clients engaged in your book. 

Another advantage is that the MLB season has more games, by far, than any other professional sport. A total of 2,430 games, plus the postseason, are played each year which means there are 162 contests for each team.  This creates an almost overwhelming about of games to bet on, but no lack of action to say the least. Guys who are already big baseball fans might bet a few games each day, and the more guys like that you have playing with you the better off you are.

Up Your MLB Action with Relevant Betting Stats

What are these relevant betting stats which you should be familiar with?   Well these consist generally of a particular team’s record against the spread, on the money line and Over/Under, we look to Seattle for our example. 

Say the Mariners are 47-30, running 17 games above .500; unlikely, sure, but let’s let Seattle fans dream a little. So on straight money line bets the M’s have won 17 more games than they have lost. Very valuable information that Pay Per Head agents can use to push clients towards Seattle ML bets.

Delving deeper into this dream scenario where the Mariners are actually good, we see that they have won $825 in profit when playing at T-Mobile Park while their away games have netted $625 in overall profits.  This tells an agent that the Mariners win a lot of games as a ML underdog in fantasyland.

Why would we want to push this information as a bookie to our agents?  Well simply put, finding dogs that cash in on money lines is not only hard, but very profitable.  These kinds of edges will undoubtedly see your MLB action take an uptick. 

Pay Per Head Tips: Increase MLB Action with Betting Statistics

What are simple betting statistics? For baseball, simple betting statistics display a team’s record on the money line, the run line, and over/under totals. Let’s take the Seattle Mariners as an example.

The Seattle Mariners are 47 and 30. Seattle is 17 games above .500. That means on money line wagers, Seattle has profited 17 times more than they’ve lost. This is valuable information that per head agents can use to promote money line wagers on Seattle Mariner games. Agents can even get granular with this info.

The Mariners have accounted for $825 in profit in home games. They’ve accounted for $625 in profit in away games for a total of $1,510. What this means is that the Seattle Mariners often win games on the money line as an underdog.

This is excellent info to pass onto MLB bettors. The reason is because finding dogs that win on the money line is difficult. It’s bound to increase MLB action on Mariner games when they’re dogs.

On any given made up Saturday night the Mariners are +187 on the run line –1.5.  This makes for a very attractive wager to clients who are aware of Seattle’s betting records.  The move here is to upsell in a way with other games taking place on or around the same time as the Mariners game.  Feed your clients stats and watch them churn out picks based on this public information. 

It is up to you as a unique bookie agent to decide which use of MLB betting stats works best for promoting MLB games, but make no mistake, they are a powerful too in any bookie’s arsenal.

Using Pay Per Head Bookie Software to Manage MLB Prop Bets

Another tool for bookie agents to make sure they aren’t running their business like a tool is MLB prop betting. Any agent who promotes MLB but skips over props is missing out on a huge opportunity to expand their profit margins during the low season.  Like many probs, MLB ones are difficult to win but with the upside of a very exciting wager and the opportunity for players to feel like they are finding strong edges.

Pay Per Head’s sportsbook software provides 3 strong features for agents to manage MLB prop bets. Each of the tools can be granted after signing up at along with a plethora of other helpful offerings.

First off is our Hold Percentage Tool.  This provides a breakdown sports by sport or league by league for any bet type by your active players.  The readouts breaks down things like bet count, volume, hold percentage, win/loss record and their average winning payout.  Boss Action agents can use this tool for MLB props to let agents know how much of the current action and profits are made from such MLB proposition bets.  This can help you work out if and when they should push MLB props to their clients.

Next up is our Mass Editing Tool.  As with all other forms of betting, max limits should be places on MLB prop betting as well.  The most efficient way to accomplish this Is by using our mass editing tool as a form of protection to the agent.  While MLB props hit on a low frequency, they often payout quite heftily.  So put on your thinking caps, look at your bankroll and set reasonable limits on your MLB prop bets. 

Rounding out this unholy trinity is out is our Schedule limit override tool.  This allows our Boss Action agents to create limits on schedules for sports, timeframes or betting profiles.  This isn’t always an issue you need to consider but the situation does arise.  More than likely our Boss Action bookie agents will make limits for a particular hot game on any given night.  This can include both money line betting as well as run lines and of course prop bets.

Send Profits Through the Roof with Live Betting

With MLB the only game in town for the next few weeks agents have the ability to shine a spotlight on this profitable sport.  Focus on baseball for the time being and no better way to raise interest and by pushing live betting. 

A crucial first step in to ensure your clients fully understand live MB betting, which is different than other sports.  While NHL, NFL and NBA games have a set time limit and set quarters for betting baseball is a different beast.  So, while most sports have 3-4 ‘periods’ to bet on, a baseball game is guaranteed 9 inning, meaning 9 chances for sports bettors to place live bets on each and every MLB showdown. Try being direct, send a text message during a big-ticket MLB game, to promote action, especially games which are nationally televised.

Send text messages during high-profile MLB games – Once the pay per head agent has explained live betting on MLB games, the agent must then promote MLB games. The best MLB games to promote are those that are nationally televised. The reason is because there’s a chance that many of the players that receive the text messages about a nationally televised game are watching the game.

Promote even before the first pitch is thrown.  Say something like “Saturday Night Baseball has the Yankees and Red Sox playing tonight in a crucial division showdown.  Can the Sox upset the Bombers?  Get those picks in and be sure to keep an eye on those live odds in case early action creates betting value.”

Even just a simple reminder like this can go a long way in increasing interest in MLB and prop betting alike.

Bookie Tips on Increasing Profits on MLB ActionBookie Tips on Increasing Profits on MLB Action

Take these tools and strategies to your clients and then straight to the bank.  If you have yet to jump into Boss Action and become an agent then now is the time.  With the MLB season in full force and the NFL season looming its now or never to make the most of 2019.  Call us at 1-800-399-0410 for a demonstration of our software and get your sportsbook rolling today! You May Also Like:

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