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MLB Playoffs Preview: Red Sox and Everyone Else? Maybe, Not!

The 2018 MLB Playoffs is set with the power, no doubt, resting in the American League. In the National League, the Dodgers, Rockies, Cubs, and Brewers are all tied heading into the final game of the MLB Regular Season. Whomever wins their respective division, and whomever ends up in Tuesday’s NL Wildcard Game, might not matter because World Series bettors have showed their hand.

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Bettors Favor Red Sox and Astros

Wagering’s gotten so hot on Red Sox and Astros, that the third choice to win this year’s World Series, the L.A. Dodgers, offer double the odds. Bettors favor the Red Sox and Astros at +300 while the Dodgers and Indians are both at +800.

Why so much love for Boston and Houston? The Red Sox started the season hot. They haven’t looked back. Entering the final day of the 2018 MLB Regular Season, the Red Sox have a 107-54 record. They’re a full 4 games ahead of Houston for the best record in MLB. The Stros have a 103-58 record heading into the final day of the MLB Regular Season.

Should online bookies set max betting limits on both Boston and Houston? They should definitely consider max betting limits on the Houston Astros. Houston has been hot in their last 10, going 8-2. The Astros fumbled to start the second half of the season. At one point, the Oakland Athletics were only a couple of games away from resting the division away from Houston.

But, the Stros bounced back and put away the Athletics with more than a week to go. Houston looks set to defend their World Series title.

We can’t say the same about Boston. Sure, Boston has been great all season long, but like what the Cleveland Indians showed us last season, being the best heading into the postseason doesn’t always lead to postseason success.

Almost as important? Boston’s gone 4-6 in their last 10. Set max betting limits on the Red Sox to win the World Series, but, maybe, make the max betting limits looser than what you set on the Astros to win the World Series.

In NL, Dodgers Getting Love…So Are Cubs

As a +800 third choice to win the World Series, bettors are showing the Dodgers much love. Can the L.A. Dodgers, a team that must secure their division on the final day of the MLB Regular Season, win the World Series? Yes, because L.A.’s bullpen has finally climbed into the Top 10.

Here’s a tip for all pay per head agents:  concentrate on pitching when deciding how to manage MLB Playoff betting. Teams with the best starters (aka the Houston Astros!) often challenge for the World Series. Only teams with great bullpens actually win the World Series.

The Dodgers have a great bullpen because closer Kenley Jansen finally discovered how to manage a scary health issue that propped up earlier in the season. The Dodgers BP posts a 3.71 ERA.

The Cubs have the second best bullpen in MLB heading into playoffs after Houston’s. Cubs relievers post a 3.33 ERA. Only the Astros BP posts a better ERA at 3.00. Right now, the Cubs are at +850 to win the World Series even though they might have to play in the NL Wildcard Game.

Make sure to set max betting limits on both the Dodgers and Cubs. Once a team with a great starting rotation and good bullpens like the Dodgers and Cubs make it to the World Series, they can absolutely win it.

Nobody’s Really Backing Potential Wildcard Winners

The Brewers, Yankees, Rockies, and Athletics all offer double-digit odds. Yankees and Athletics play on Sep. 1 in the AL Wildcard Game. The winner might get some love from sports bettors. You can probably wait until odds adjust after the game before using your line mover or setting max betting limits.

Bettors believe the Yankees win the AL Wildcard because as of Thursday, Sep. 27, NYY offered +1000 odds while the A’s offered +1200 odds. Most sports bettors don’t believe the Rockies or Brewers have the requisite pitching to win the Fall Classic.

Atlanta Might Be the Dog Your Sports Bettors Back

Sounds crazy because only two seasons ago the Atlanta Braves were one of the worst teams in MLB, but the ATL might be the team underdog sports bettors settle on to win the World Series. The Braves beat the favored Washington Nationals to win the NL East Division.

Right now, the Braves are at +1200 to win the World Series. Atlanta’s bullpen ranks 17th in MLB, but Atlanta ranks 9th in runs scored per game and 6th in starting rotation ERA. If the Braves can get some luck, they could end up in the World Series. At least, that’s what many sports bettors might think.

The MLB Playoffs start this week. Make sure to pay attention to pitching matchups and how those matchups effect the action in your sportsbook. As always, when in doubt, set max betting limits.

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