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Payment Software Update

Bookie Payment Software Update: Speed Up Collections with New Payment Method.

BossAction recently released a brand new bookie payment software that allows pay per head agents to collect quicker then ever. The new agent payment system runs off cryptocurrency transactions. Check out specifics on the new payment system before diving into why quicker collections are good for both agents and players.

BossAction’s New Agent Payment System

The new agent payment solution provides the following:

  • Ability to request withdrawals from either your layoff account or regular account without having to contact billing.
  • Ability to receive cryptocurrency deposits. Currently, crypto deposits the system accepts are: Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum and Ripple.
  • Ability to send cryptocurrency payouts to players
  • Works both ways – players can send you cryptocurrency collections

We want to dive deeper into the final bullet point, players can send you cryptocurrency collections. Collecting might not always be easy. Although advances in pay per head tools has allowed pay per head agents to run their businesses more effectively, when it comes to the collecting part, it’s often still done via hand to hand cash transactions.

The new bookie payment software allows players to send you money via cryptocurrency. The advantages to you, the per head agent, are immense. You mustn’t set up a time and travel some place to meet and collect in person.

Player advantages on faster collections also exist. Because you must convince your players to send collections to you via cryptocurrency through the new agent payment system, we’ve listed three player advantages.

  1. Players mustn’t spend money on gas and time to meet with you in person

We can apply the same advantage that you get by collecting via the new payment system to players.

  1. Players can pay you faster

Players that pay you faster rid themselves of the overhang of not paying what they owe you. Taking off stress is always a good thing!

  1. You update player accounts faster

The faster players pay online bookie agents, the faster those bookie agents update player accounts. The faster agents update player accounts, the faster players can make more wagers. Players can continue to play while agents receive action, and more of it, faster.

In addition to the new payment system, also offers a referral program. Call a BossAction rep at 800-339-4108 for a demo.