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Betting Players May Jump on Saints to Win the Super Bowl 2021

Oddsmakers have already made the Saints a favorite to win the NFC. Undoubtedly, pay per head agents will start noticing wagers flow to New Orleans in the coming weeks ahead of Super Bowl 2021.

Unless a couple of occurrences that happened last week derail the New Orleans Saints, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the team led by Drew Brees ends up a favorite to win the 2021 Super Bowl. New Orleans has dominated since an early-season two-game losing streak.

Part of the bullishness is that while the Saints are getting healthy, their opponents appear to be slowing down. New Orleans has a long way to go, we’re only in Week 11, but they’re a perennial favorite, making them a possible risk to BossAction sportsbook software bookies.

Those bookies, the ones that use gambling software to run their sportsbooks, won’t want to reassess wagering only on Brees and his team. They will also want to manage betting on other NFL contenders that appear set to march into the playoffs. That includes still massive underdogs like the Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Raiders.

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Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Seattle Seahawks are Top Four Betting Choices for Super Bowl 2021

The Chiefs, Saints, Steelers, and Seahawks are the four future betting choices to win this season’s Super Bowl. They’re also the top choices to win their respective conferences. Read more about the pros and cons from a Super Bowl future bettor’s perspective.

Kansas City Chiefs

Pros – The Chiefs have a single blemish on their record, a 42-32 loss to the Los Vegas Raiders. Kansas City does everything well, and as long as Patrick Mahomes is under center, KC figures to be close to impossible to beat.

Cons – The Chiefs have a tough schedule in the final seven weeks. They’re at the Raiders, at the Buccaneers, at the Dolphins, and at the Saints in four of their last seven. That’s a demanding schedule to manage.

New Orleans Saints

Pros – New Orleans has won six straight after a two-game losing streak. That makes the Saints the most formidable team to handle in the NFC because they won all six of those games with their best wide receiver, Michal Thomas, out with an injury.

Cons – Drew Brees could miss playing time due to a shoulder injury. Also, who did the Saints beat in those six games that warrants so much Super Bowl attention? The Bears, Lions, a beat-up 49ers squad, the Chargers, and Panthers don’t impress. Sure, the win against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers was impressive, but that could be Tampa Bay merely having an awful game.

Pittsburgh Steelers 

Pros – They’re undefeated at 9-0. The offense and defense aren’t dazzling, but each unit plays cohesively. Not only that, but the Steelers can play to win games, meaning the coaching staff comes up with a plan that includes the offense and the defense instead of each unit working in a silo.

Cons – The two teams they beat, the Titans and Ravens, have impressed less with each passing week. The other seven wins happened versus the Giants, Broncos, Texans, Eagles, Browns, Cowboys, and Bengals. 

Seattle Seahawks 

Pros – Russell Wilson has played like an MVP candidate while the defense has struggled. But the defense should get healthier, and the Seahawks are tied for first place in the toughest division in football, the NFC West. 

Cons – Since the bye, Seattle has lost 3-of-4 straight up, 34-37 against Arizona in overtime, 34-43 to Buffalo, and 16-23 versus the L.A. Rams. Russell Wilson’s form has deteriorated. Also, Seattle’s defense ranks dead last against the pass.

Use sportsbook software to set max betting limits on all Super Bowl contenders

The best way for bookies to ensure their sportsbooks remain healthy is to set both max betting limits and max payout limits. When it comes to future Super Bowl betting, it’s crucial to set max betting limits.

Those limits could be as low as $200 on favorites and $100 on underdogs. Here is a list of Super Bowl underdogs that could upset the favorites should they make the playoffs.

  • Buffalo Bills – The Bills have a great offense. Will the defense gel enough for a Super Bowl run?
  • Las Vegas Raiders – Winners of 4-of-5 heading into Week 11, the Raiders’ defense has become much more robust in recent weeks. Give Las Vegas a big shot should they upset the Chiefs on Nov. 22.
  • Los Angeles Rams – The Rams are surging. They’re tied atop the NFC West with the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. 
  • Arizona Cardinals – Arizona beat the Buffalo Bills in Week 10 with a Hail Mary last play pass from Kyler Murray to Buffalo. The Cards have the resume to be a playoff contender. 
  • Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t throw interceptions. He’s got 5 TD passes to 0 interceptions in his three starts. Once Tua gets more comfortable, he’ll open up the offense. The Dolphins have an excellent defense. 
  • Indianapolis Colts – As long as the defense plays well and Philip Rivers doesn’t get out of control, the Colts will win games. 

Teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Ravens are all contenders for the Super Bowl. Treat those squads the way you would the Steelers, Saints, and Chiefs. Use sportsbook software to set max betting limits.

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