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Should Per Head Agents Increase Betting Limits for Super Bowl 2018?

On Feb. 4, the biggest wagering event of the year takes place when the winner of the NFL’s American Football Conference battles the winner from the NFL’s National Football Conference. The yearly event, dubbed the Super Bowl, presents online bookie agents with a single day where they can make incredible profits.

The Super Bowl is so huge that some of you are probably wondering if you should raise betting limits for your players. Hopefully, this blog will help you make the right decisions.

Reasons to Increase Betting Limits for Super Bowl

There are numerous reasons to increase betting limits. The most obvious is that a player wants you to. If a player asks you, the bookmaker, to increase his or her betting limits, ask the following questions before doing so:

Why does the player want his or her betting limit increased?

Is the player even in your sportsbook?

Does the player usually wager a lot in your book?

There’s a reason a player asks for his or her limits to be increased. Perhaps, the player has a gambling problem. Maybe, the player has been hiding the gambling problem from you, the bookie. That’s why it’s important to see how much action the player accounts for on a weekly basis.

There’s also the situation where you, the pay per head agent, decides to increase player betting limits. Super Bowl 52 might be one of those situations. Agents shouldn’t raise betting limits for every one of their players, though. They must be specific on who they raise limits for.

Process for Agents to See if Betting Limits Should be Increased

The main thing per head agents must do before raising limits is to check out how much action a player currently provides. The key is to raise limits for casual players, not pro players. Pro players are going to spread their action around if they must. They won’t necessarily even hit their max limit in your book.

Casual players are different. The $20 casual player is likely to bet $50, to $100, to $200 on the Super Bowl. That’s why it’s important to raise limits on all casual players that don’t owe you money. If the money’s there for the casual player to bet on Super Bowl 52, you should trust that the casual player will use that money to bet on Super Bowl 52.

What Does Super Bowl Betting Mean to You?

This is a legitimate question. What does Super Bowl betting mean to you? Does it mean half your revenue for the year? A quarter of your likely revenue? Have you forecast Super Bowl 52 already? If not, make sure to do so.

The reason I bring this up is because raising betting limits comes with potential issues. It’s important to realize that if you raise betting limits for Super Bowl 52, you’re taking a risk if you don’t use your layoff accounts.

Usually, I’m against only using your layoff account as a last resort. In this case, if you wish to raise betting limits, you had better utilize the layoff account. Also, make sure to add a half a point if the spread number in Super Bowl 52 is on a whole number. The last thing online bookie agents should do is worry about refunding wagers.

You can only add half a point via the BossAction line mover. The line mover is available through BossAction Pay Per Head’s Premium Plan. Call a BossAction Pay Per Head rep at 888-978-0488 for more details.