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NFL Midpoint Against the Spread Losers

For most Oakland Raiders fans, hiring John Gruden signalled that good times were here again. Online bookies had to use their pay per head software tools to control wagering on the Raiders. It hasn’t worked out that way with the Oakland Raiders the worst team in the NFL against the spread at the midpoint of the season.

The Raiders aren’t alone, though. San Francisco, Buffalo, and both New York teams make the Top 5 worst ATS squads. The Buccaneers also make the list. After the Buccaneers, surprise teams fill out the rest of the Top 10 ATS Losers list. Check out reasons why the Raiders, 49ers, Bills, Jets and Giants are so bad against the spread before we discuss why some of the top teams in the NFL made the list.

10 Worst NFL Against the Spread Teams Midpoint

  1. Oakland Raiders 2-6-0 ATS
  2. San Francisco 49ers 3-6-0 ATS
  3. Buffalo Bills 3-6-0 ATS
  4. New York Jets 3-6-0 ATS
  5. New York Giants 3-5-0 ATS
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-5-0 ATS
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-5-0 ATS
  8. Green Bay Packers 3-5-0 ATS
  9. Philadelphia Eagles 3-5-0 ATS
  10. Atlanta Falcons 3-5-0 ATS

Why is Oakland, San Francisco, Buffalo, NYJ, and NYG so bad against the spread?

Each of the worst teams ATS at the NFL midpoint are bad for different reasons. The San Francisco 49ers are awful because their quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, went down early on. The 49ers might have found a good replacement for Garoppolo in Nick Mullens, though. Pay attention to money on the 49ers and use your layoff account, or set max betting limits, accordingly.

Buffalo’s a disaster because they started a rookie quarterback that got hurt. They have no answer. The Bills might have the worst offense in the history of the NFL. Every team should cover against Buffalo.

The Jets are rebuilding. They’re not a bad team, but they’re not great either. They present a handicapping challenge every time they hit the gridiron. That makes the Jets a bookie’s best friend because bettors aren’t sure when they’ll cover the spread.

Forget the Giants. New York’s a mess on the sidelines and on the football field. Bookies should use their layoff account if somehow the Giants are overplayed. Set max betting limits because they will win a game or two in the second half.

Oakland’s a special case. The Raiders are bad because head coach Jon Gruden and the front office have decided to rebuild. Oakland might not win another game this season. They might not even cover. Whenever Oakland’s over bet, per head agents should consider not using their layoff accounts.

What’s up with Jacksonville, Green Bay, Philadelphia, and Atlanta?

The Jaguars top offensive player, running back Leonard Fournette, hasn’t been 100% yet this season. Fournette’s the reason the Jags are so awful. They can’t win and cover games without a rushing attack. Their quarterback’s not good enough.

Green Bay’s just had a ridiculously tough first half schedule to get them to the NFL midpoint. The Packers could turn it around enough to start covering spreads and winning games. Green Bay’s the team to watch to turn into a covering beast.

Philadelphia might turn it around enough to cover games. The Eagles have been overplayed way too much this season. If Eagles continue to be overplayed, it could be a good idea to shelve the layoff account.

The Falcons have a fantastic offense. Too bad their defense is a mess. Like Philly, the ATL’s been over bet in most of their games this season. Atlanta could be over bet in the second half. However, if their defense gets healthy, the Falcons will cover spreads. Use your layoff account on the Falcons when they’re over played. Definitely set max betting limits on the Jags, Packers, Eagles and Falcons when they show up as low spread favorites or dogs.