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NHL Update: Toronto Living Up to Hype

After close to a month in the NHL Regular Season, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the preseason favorite to win the Stanley Cup, have lived up to the hype. At the time of this latest NHL update Toronto leads the Eastern Division, forcing bookies to consider using pay per head software to manage future Cup odds betting.

Right now, Leafs are second choice with Nashville at +800. Favored Tampa Bay has fallen to +700. Check out current division leaders along with info on the Top 5 betting money makers so far this NHL Season.

Eastern Division:  Toronto Maple Leafs 6-3, 12 pts

As of Oct. 20, the Maple Leafs lead the Eastern Division with 12 pts. Tampa’s played 3 less games than Toronto, which is why even though Toronto leads the division, they aren’t favored over the Lightning to win the Stanley Cup.

One thing to note? Toronto’s living up to the hype. The Leafs rank 4th in NHL in goals per match at 3.8. They rank 2nd in power play percentage at 37.5%. For Leafs to become real Cup contenders, they must improve upon their 3.3, 21st ranked, goals allowed per.

If they do, they could be tough, which is why some bookies might want to lower the Leafs’ odds to win Lord Stanley’s hardware from +800 to +700.

Metropolitan Division: Carolina Hurricanes 4-3-1, 9 pts

Carolina’s Stanley Cup odds remain at +3000 even though the Canes lead the deep Metropolitan Division. In an update to their preseason views, most NHL future bettors believe either Pittsburgh or Washington takes charge in the Metropolitan.

Canes rank 31st in both power play goals for and power play goal kill percentage. Hard to see them making a run to the Cup at this point based on those rankings. But, it makes no sense for per head agents not to set max betting limits. How much do bettors expect to put onto a +3000 shot, anyhow? $100, $200? Set a reasonable max betting limit to ensure wagers while preventing any real danger.

Central Division: Nashville Predators 7-1, 14 pts

When updated Stanley Cup Odds come out this week, Nashville could be the team to beat. The Predators are an awesome 7-1. They rank 10th in goals for at 3.4, and 4th in goals against at 1.9.

Nashville also ranks second in NHL money, which determines how much profit a team’s made so far on the moneyline. Because Nashville’s on fire, bookies could consider setting max betting limits on their moneylines.

Before doing that, consider that in most matches, Nashville’s the favorite. So, maybe, allow bettors to wager as much as they want on games where the Preds are over bet.

Pacific Division:  Anaheim Ducks 5-2-1, 11 pts

Anaheim’s +3000 odds makes them a huge overlay to win the Stanley Cup. The Pacific Division remains wide-open, meaning the Ducks have as much of a shot to win the division as anybody else. Make sure max betting limits are set on the Ducks. Also set max betting limits anytime Anaheim battles an opponent as a dog.

Top 5 – NHL Money

  1. Vancouver Canucks
  2. Nashville Predators
  3. Ottawa Senators
  4. Anaheim Ducks
  5. Montreal Canadiens

Of the 5 top money gainers so far this NHL Season, only Nashville’s update figures are consistent as the favorite. Pay per head agents must set max betting limits on all Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators, and Montreal Canadiens games.

The Senators especially could cause liabilities in sportsbooks. Ottawa’s at +50000 to win the Stanley Cup. They should offer overlay odds every time they hit the ice. If you don’t place max betting limits on all Senators’ games, you could lose a lot of money on any game Ottawa wins.

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