You are currently viewing Phil Mickelson vs. Tiger Woods: Two of the Most Historic Golfers Play for $9 Million

Phil Mickelson vs. Tiger Woods: Two of the Most Historic Golfers Play for $9 Million

Two of the top golfers in history head to Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, Nov. 23 for a match event like no other. The great Tiger Woods battles Phil “Lefty” Mickelson in an 18-hole two-man tournament for $9 million. Woods is the favorite at -190 while Mickelson offers +165 odds.

Most bookies should use their per head sportsbook software to mitigate risk. Lefty and Tiger can win on Friday and they battle over a course that both are familiar with. Check out information on how Mickelson’s and Woods’s 2018 have gone before deciding on at what monetary value you wish to set max betting limits.

How was Phil Mickelson’s 2018?

Mickelson had a decent PGA Tour Season. He competed in 24 Tour events and made the cut in 21-of-24. He played 87 rounds. Not bad for a 48-year-old athlete. Mickelson even won a tournament, the WGC-Mexico. Although he didn’t have any Top 10 finishes in any of the 4 Majors, he did strike the ball well, averaging a 72.1 in the Masters, The Open Championship, the PGA Championship, and the U.S. Open.

Mickelson’s overall average was slightly higher than 70. Since most PGA courses are a 70 par, Mickelson shot par in most of his tournaments this year.

How did Tiger Play in 2018?

The best golfer to ever live changed his swing in January, which is why he had the best PGA Tour Season in years. Tiger only won a single tournament, the Tour Championship, but he did it in style when producing 3 rounds of 68 or less and a -11, 269 final score.

Woods only played 68 total rounds in 18 events. He made the cut in 16-of-18 tournaments. He averaged a 69.6 for each round and scored with two Top 10 finishes in four Majors.

Phil vs Tiger:  Strategy Could Determine the Winner

Because Tiger’s victory happened in his last tournament played, he heads to Shadow Creek hot. Based on per stats, Tiger has the upper hand on Friday, but before pay per head agents decide to set max betting limits on Woods and allow dollars on Mickelson to flow like rain, it’s important to note a couple of things.

First, the match event is for only 18 holes. That means a lot in this situation. Tiger and Phil both often start fast. But, Tiger has lately decided to rest some in the early rounds so as not to burn out his chances of a win on Saturday and Sunday.

Because Mickelson is 48-years-old, he doesn’t have that luxury. Mickelson gets tired on Saturdays and Sundays the same away any close to 50-year-old on the planet might after playing 36 holes of golf in the past couple of days.

Lefty’s used to burning up his energy in the first couple of rounds in tournaments because his goal is to make the cut first. Then, if he has a shot at the win, he’ll go for it. If he doesn’t, he’ll just relax and work for the highest position he can.

Tiger believes he can win every tournament. The differences in strategy should play into Mickelson’s favor because he’s used to going all out physically in Round 1. That doesn’t mean Tiger’s at a real disadvantage.

It just means that online bookies should set max betting limits on both golfers.

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