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Write A Best Football Tips Page and Action Will Soar

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy and profitable sportsbook is to provide excellent customer service. Contrary to popular opinion, providing a list of top football tips won’t necessarily hurt your sportsbook. It can lead to more action than you ever before generated. 

At first, it may seem silly. The last thing anybody who decides to create a sportsbook wants is to hand out betting tips, especially football betting tips. 

But although most individuals that create a betting website prefer to run their organizations without providing tips for players, some savvy pay per head sportsbook agents have added a tips page to their sites. 

There are multiple reasons why providing tips aren’t as unprofitable as one might think. Football tips, in particular, can help build player loyalty. 

Pages that include betting advice also help create a bookie and player dynamic that’s more personal. Before getting into actual betting tips that you can use to boost player action, we’ll first discuss why posting a tips page probably won’t lead to lost profit like you may be thinking.  

Why post a best NFL and college football tips page on your bookie site?

Profit - Write A Best Football Tips Page and Action Will Soar

If you decide to start your sportsbook with an existing player base, you’ve heard of a tout service. Tout services provide picks. 

Tout services make their most money during football season. But although most tout services provide quality picks, it’s impossible to win at 70%

Decent professional handicappers win at 55%. Discounting juice, the profit rate is far less than many believe. 

Not only that, but BossAction provides all of our clients with a layoff account. Laying off risky bets leads to more profit that you keep, which means you mustn’t worry about your players hitting 70% of their bets.

Almost as important? Providing a tips for betting page allows PPH site agents to confirm what many of their players already know, that beating the bookie is a false premise. 

Beating the bookie doesn’t exist. You don’t beat bookies by making winning bets because bookmaker software agents profit from the juice. 

Armed with a layoff account, a sportsbook owner can lay off every bet if they choose, payout winners, and pocket the vig, or bookie fees, from against the spread wagers.  

There are other reasons adding a betting tips page isn’t likely to hurt your bottom line. 

No profit betting system works 100% of the time

Best Football Tips Page

No system is 100% accurate. Most betting systems approach 60% – 65% at best. 

The reason for this is that human beings are involved in every sport. Take a look at your racebook.

Human beings train and ride horses to cross the finish line first. Multiple betting options allow your players to make money. But your players don’t ride the equines.

Your players don’t train the horses. So your players are counting on humans and another mammal species to do something based on past events. 

We all know that history doesn’t always repeat itself. But many of us, our players for sure, are counting on history always to repeat itself. 

Football games are similar to horse races. In 2021 NFL Week 9, the Jacksonville Jaguars upset the Buffalo Bills on the moneyline as a +14 ½ spread line betting favorite.

The moneyline was at least +600 on the Jaguars. Few if zero players backed the Jags against the spread, much less bet on them to win straight up. 

In many games, things are bound to happen that the stats can’t predict, which, again, is why your layoff account is such a valuable tool. 

If you are sure of something and decide not to use your layoff account, never forget that Secretariat lost to a horse named Onion and the New York Giants upset the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.   

Using stat or trends doesn’t always work

Sportsbook betting

Some handicappers prefer to use stats. Others prefer to use trends. Still, others use trends and stats while giving more weight to one or the other.

Trends are nothing more than similar instances. The trend that up until NFL Week 9 in 2021 showed that Dallas had covered the spread in seven straight games. The Cowboys’ trend meant seven consecutive times a similar instance had happened.

The similar instance is the Dallas Cowboys covering the spread. But the trend doesn’t include any information about the circumstances regarding those covers.

In one of the games, Dallas covered the spread versus the New England Patriots as a -3 ½ favorite after rallying to tie the game and then beating the Patriots with a touchdown in overtime. The Cowboys were in danger of breaking the trend, of losing straight up, in that game.

Dallas broke their 7-0 against the spread trend in Week 9 after losing to the Denver Broncos as a -10 favorite. The trend said Dallas would cover the spread.

Starting quarterback Dak Prescott, though, had to sit out the game before due to an injury. Prescott completed just 48% of his passes and threw an interception in the loss.

Trends never last because similar instances can’t happen all the time, which is why trend bettors will never reach the 70% success NFL betting rate.

Stats work about as well as trends 

Some NFL handicappers live and die by stats. Although important, when it comes to making successful bets, your players will find as much success relying on most stats as they do depending on trends. 

One of the issues with using stats is that football statistical analysis doesn’t consider out-of-the-ordinary occurrences. The best way to explain this is to compare baseball to football.

Baseball is so statistic-based that MLB counts mistakes. If a fielder makes an error, it goes down as an error, as a mistake. If a pitcher throws a fastball instead of a slider, a good batter will make the pitcher pay with an extra-base hit or a home run.

The same statistical analysis doesn’t happen in football because errors occur on every play. Teams win by capitalizing on opponent errors. The team that makes the minor mistakes almost always ends up winning games.

The most important stat in the NFL is turnover ratio. Teams that turn the ball over more than they commit turnovers tend to win more games. Oddsmaking experts know this.

Oddsmakers then adjust spread lines to reflect a team’s turnover ratio.

Bottom line? There is no NFL or NCAAF football betting system that wins at 70% or more

Write A Best Football Tips Page and Action Will Soar

No football betting system wins at 70% or better. If there were, more professional NFL handicappers would exist than in any other profession.

Because there are no football betting systems that win at 70%, providing a betting tips sheet for football shouldn’t hurt your bottom line. A tip sheet should, in fact, help you boost action that leads to more profit.  

Before checking out our example of a successful tips betting page, read about the three rules you should keep in mind when handing out tips. 

Tips betting page rules

  1. Don’t hand out winners or losers

The most important rule for your betting tips page is not to hand out winners or losers. It doesn’t matter the sport.

Handing out winners or losers could not only hurt your sportsbook’s bottom line, but it could also make you appear less than professional. Bookie management software agents provide betting services.

They don’t make money by handing out picks. Don’t even approach the these are the best picks arena. 

  1. Best football tips must include information that helps players handicap games

Stats provide the best information for handicapping games. So add stats to your site. Stats are relevant information that’s open to public use.

It doesn’t matter if you get stats from ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, or As long as the stats you publish on your site are correct, you can post them if you rewrite and don’t just copy and paste.

  1. Add trends to your football tips

Trends are terrific for a couple of reasons. First, they’re real. 

By adding trends and stats, you provide players with correct information. Once players see you aren’t providing false information, they’re likely to trust you as their bookie.

Second, as we showed in the above section, stats and trends are based on the past. They don’t always lead to betting wins.

Why wouldn’t you want to add stats and trends to your tips betting page? Again, it doesn’t matter the sport.

Add stats and trends whether you’ve placed football betting tips, basketball betting tips, or baseball betting tips page to your site. Players rely on stats and trends, and stats and trends don’t always lead to wins, making them perfect for your tips pages. 

NFL Football Betting Tips Page Example

Check out an example of a betting on the NFL tips page for Week 10 in the 2021 season. We add a top stat and a top trend for every NFL Week 10 game. 

The stats and trends were correct at the time we placed them in this blog. 

New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans

Top Stat: New Orleans allows 73.8 rushing yards per game, ranking first in the league.

Top Trend: Tennessee is 5-0 ATS in their last 5 games

Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots

Top Stat: The Patriots rank fourth in points allowed per at 18.9

Top Trend: The Browns are 5-1 ATS in their last 6 road games

Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers

Top Stat: Detroit allows 30.5 points per, ranking thirty-first in the NFL

Top Trend: Pittsburgh is 0-7 ATS in their last 7 games as a favorite at home

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts

Top Stat: The Jaguars average 16.5 points per game, which ranks thirty-first in the league

Top Trend: Indianapolis is 5-1 ATS in their last 6 games

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team 

Top Stat: At 286.8 per game, the WFT allows the most passing yards per game

Top Trend: The Buccaneers are 0-4 ATS in their last 4 on the road

Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys

Top Stat: Atlanta averages 80.4 rushing yards per game, ranking twenty-ninth in the NFL

Top Trend: Dallas is 5-1 against the spread in their last 6 home games

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Top Stat: The Bills rank first in points allowed per game at 14.8

Top Trend: The Jets are 2-7 ATS in their last 7 games playing as the dog

 Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

Top Stat: Seattle allows 401.5 yards per game, ranking thirty-first in the NFL

Top Trend: Green Bay is 7-0 ATS in their last 7 on grass

Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders

Top Stat: Kansas City has committed 19 turnovers, ranking last in the league

Top Trend: In the last 9 head-to-head, the home team is 7-2 against the spread

Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Chargers

Top Stat: The Vikings have 11 takeaways to just 5 turnovers

Top Trend: In their last 8 November games, the Chargers are 1-7 ATS

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals

Top Stat: Carolina ranks twenty-seventh in yards per contest with 318.7 each game

Top Trend: Arizona is 6-1 against the spread in their last 7

Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos

Top Stat: The Eagles rank seventh in rushing yards per game at 136.6

Top Trend: On grass in their last 5, the Broncos have gone 1-4 against the spread

Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

Top Stat: San Francisco has the least takeaways in the league with 5

Top Trend: Teams with losing records have gone 5-1 ATS versus the Rams in LAR’s last 6

Note a few things about this NFL tips page. First, we didn’t write down a stat and trend for the same team.

If we wrote a stat for one team, the trend we chose is for the other team. The reason we do this is to show that there is relevant information for both teams.

Pro NFL handicappers will use the betting tips as a starting point. They won’t blindly follow trends or stats. 

Casual NFL bettors could use the stat or trend to make a wagering choice. By giving betting tip information for both teams, bookies aren’t siding with either squad. 

Second, all stats and trends provided mean something. Third, the stats listed contrast each other. 

For example, San Francisco is the worst team in the NFL at forcing turnovers. The Rams are bad at covering the spread against a team with a losing record.

Heading into the game, the 49ers had a 3-5 losing record. Top bookmakers mustn’t always provide a stat that contrasts the trend. 

But it does help to show positives and negatives for both teams. The fact the Rams are bad at covering spread lines versus teams that have losing records is a positive for San Francisco.

San Francisco is terrible at taking the ball away, which is a positive for the Los Angeles Rams. Adding contrast to your best football tips page provides relevant information to your players without assuming that you’re siding with one team or the other.  

BossAction bookie software can help you increase action and profit

A betting tips page can go a long way to increasing customer loyalty and adding a difference-maker to your bookie site. But even if you add a betting tips page, it doesn’t mean your action will go where you want it to rise. 

All sportsbook software providers aren’t the same. At BossAction, we believe in adding tools and features that boost value. Our software includes a layoff account and the Agent Payment Solution, a way for you to make online payments and collect online.

We also provide prime platforms, like Premium Props and Live Plus, designed to keep your players on your site. Premium Props allows players to bet on athlete performance, like how many yards and touchdowns Tom Brady records in a game.

Live Plus offers players game trackers and video streams. The Premium Casino provides the latest BetSoft 3D games. 

There’s still time for you to take advantage of our $3 per head until the Super Bowl promo. The promotion lasts until February 13, 2022. Sign up today to start paying the 77% discounted rate. Call us at 1-800-339-4108 to get started.

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