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Want to Make More Money? Use Bookie Software

Pay per head companies allows anyone to create and run a successful, profitable sportsbook. But not all software is the same. For your sportsbook to make the most money possible, you must use the best bookie software. 

Sports betting’s popularity should continue to rise from now until at least 2027. The latest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) stats imply a rise of over 10% in the United States from 2020 to 2026.

Worldwide stats imply a rise of 12% to 15% from 2020 through 2027. The percentage rise only takes into account online and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. It doesn’t attempt to discern how much local bookies, or bookmakers that run their organizations online, stand to make. 

But although the idea of giant conglomerate organizations scares some American bookies, most realize that any rise in sports betting can help their businesses. As with most industries in the United States, think e-commerce, technology has allowed individual entrepreneurs to create online gambling websites.

Old school bookies have shifted their companies from excel sheet organized enterprises to big data run businesses. But although the technology is there, the runway for more pay per head agents, those who use software to run their companies online, is long.

Bookie software the key for any bookmaking professional to sign new clients, get more out of their existing clients, grow their business, and make more money. 

Familiarize yourself with the term “bookie”

So far, the individual-run sportsbook industry has yet to find winners and losers. Because the local bookie must import their players to a pay per head services company, bookmakers who have built customer bases don’t often lose them to peers or larger online sportsbooks.

All bookies must do to benefit from the software is import players. But before diving into the differences between basic bookie software and top gambling software, we should define the term “bookie.”

What is a bookie? How much do bookies make?

What is a bookie?

Forget the Hollywood version of a bookmaker. If you go off an episode of The Sopranos, bookies are creatures who live in the shadows.

They suck the monetary blood from anyone who wishes to make bets on sporting events, horse races, pull a slot machine handle, or make a bet at the craps, blackjack, roulette, or baccarat table.

When a player can’t pay, bookies charge them massive interest or break a bone. Although that has occurred in the past, today’s bookie must have more customer service skills than karate or judo skills.

Players have options. So if a bookmaker wishes to keep their customers, they must understand they are in the service industry.

Bookies provide services. Becoming a bookie is easy. The first step is to use Boss Action, the best pay per head software, to start your sports wagering business. Players log onto the account their bookmaking agent set up for them. Bettors choose on what to wager.

The bookie provides the digital platforms, the menu, where players find bets. If a player wishes to bet on a horse race, they head to the racebook.

If they wish to play a few hands of blackjack, they head to the casino. A player that wants to bet with a live dealer heads to the live dealer casino, and a player who wishes to make in-game live bets click onto the in-game platform.

The sportsbook operator uses bookie software to provide services. Choosing the right software is critical.  

How do bookies make more money?

Sportsbook owners make money two ways. Which way bookies make money depends on the type of bet.

You can charge fees for against the spread (ATS) wagers when it comes to sporting events. ATS bets include a handicap or spread line. 

In Super Bowl LV, the Kansas City Chiefs were -3 ½ favorites over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Football betting handicappers who liked the Chiefs knew that if they bet on the Chiefs, Kansas City had to beat the Buccaneers by at least 3 points for them to win their bet.

Players that wagered on Tampa Bay knew the Buccaneers could lose by 3 points or less, and they’d win their bet. For point spread wagers, bookmakers often charge 10%. 

So for a $100 bet, the bookie would charge $10. To ensure you keep the entire $10, you’d make the same $100 play in your layoff account. You pay off the player with your layoff account winnings or pay back the layoff account if the player’s bet lost.

The second way bookies make money is if the player loses their bet. When a player wagers on the moneyline, a horse race, or a casino game, the bookmaker profits when the player loses.

If the player wins those types of bets, the bookie must pay the player. But it isn’t easy to win a horse racing bet. 

If you’ve ever played a slot machine, you know how hard it is to win money from slots. Making money on horse races, slot machines, blackjack, and even moneyline sports bets is why bookies almost always collect more than they pay. 

Per head companies offer good enough software to get you off the ground 

Most pay per head organizations offer basic software to help you start your online sportsbook. The software includes the following.

  • Sportsbook
  • Digital casino
  • Live betting platform
  • Horse race betting

The software is okay for bookies who don’t wish to grow their businesses or grow profit. But it’s not the best software. 

There are disadvantages. Basic bookmaking or legacy software doesn’t allow for upgrades. Companies that use legacy bookie software can’t provide systems that will enable online payouts and collections.

They also have trouble adding newer platforms and services. It’s always best to go with a PPH sportsbook proprietary software company. 

The best bookie software allows you to make more money and grow

With the very best software for bookies, you can become a successful bookie faster, profit more, and sign up more customers. See below for a list of what proprietary software offers.

  • Updated dashboards with customizable reports
  • Live dealer platform
  • A payment system that allows bookmakers to make online payouts and collections
  • Add-on options

BossAction add-on options include the Premium Casino with the latest 3D games, the Live+ in-game betting platform with game trackers and video streams, and a Premium Props platform where players can bet on individual performance, quarter lines, halftime lines, and unique spread lines.

We also offer a package for resellers. In the pay per head industry, we call resellers master agents. 

If you are a master agent or wish to know how to become a master agent, please contact us

Sign-up with BossAction and add digital platforms that boost action

The digital platforms we listed in the above section can boost action by 15% or more. Betting action is the lifeblood of any sportsbook. 

Without action, you can’t profit. Boosting betting activity is critical. The more players bet, the better chance of losing moneyline, casino, and horse racing book bets.

You can cut risk with your layoff account. So against the spread bets shouldn’t be an issue. If you import your players to BossAction, you can also use the Agent Payment Solution (APS). 

The APS allows you to pay and collect online. You and players can use various banking methods to fund your accounts. Banking methods include credit and debit cards and cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and LTC.

There are a couple of other reasons to import players to BossAction. We always run multiple promotions, and our referral program is the best in the industry. The sooner you sign-up with us, the sooner you’ll have the potential to profit more.   

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