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Managing 2021 World Series Baseball Betting Lines

After the first couple of weeks in the new Major League Baseball Season, it’s become apparent that future baseball betting handicappers prefer the favorites. But that doesn’t mean pay per head agents shouldn’t pay attention to 2021 World Series futures’ betting money flowing to underdogs.

The 2021 MLB Season has gotten off to a fast start. Some teams, like the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals, ran into coronavirus-related issues. 

But most teams have had no problems sending players to the field. So far, the favorites to win the Fall Classic, the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees, have played well enough to keep their preferred choice status.

Just because the Dodgers and Yankees are favored, though, it doesn’t mean that future bettors haven’t backed other teams. While the Dodgers and Yankees should continue to see a bulk of action from World Series handicappers, five to six teams have seen a baseball championship odds depreciation.

The Los Angeles Dodgers is one of those teams. The New York Yankees aren’t.

Sportsbook software agents should always pay attention to where the money flows. When it comes to future bets, it’s imperative to know where the money is going.

By doing so, agents who offer free betting software can ensure the health of their sportsbooks. Managing future bets is easy and non-time consuming. 

Before getting into the two things, you must do, let’s talk about the teams impressing your baseball betting line players.

Most impressive MLB teams so far

All stats are as of April 10, 2021. Information and stats came from the April 10 standings

Los Angeles Dodgers

No team has won back-to-back World Series since the New York Yankees three-peated from 1998 through 2000. If the first couple of weeks are any indication, the Dodgers could break the streak.

Los Angeles has played lights out on their way to a Major League Baseball best 7-2 record. The Dodgers rank second in team batting average at .293. The team also ranks second in OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging) at .870. 

But as well as Los Angeles has played, there are a couple of knocks. First, the Dodgers’ vaunted rotation hasn’t lived up to the billing. LAD has a 3.59 team ERA (earned run average), ranking twelfth.

Second, the Dodgers have beaten the Colorado Rockies, Oakland A’s, and Washington Nationals. Those aren’t stellar baseball teams.

Los Angeles Angels

Anybody who knows Angels’ manager Joe Maddon’s history knew the Halos would be a good team this season. The Angels are at 6-3 and tied with the Astros in the AL West Division.

Maddon led the Chicago Cubs to the 2016 World Series title. The Cubs hadn’t won a World Series since 1908. Any manager who broke the Curse of the Goat could get LAA back on track.

So far, Maddon’s patience with the Angels’ second-best player, Shohei Ohtani, is paying off. Ohtani is both a starting pitcher and a designated hitter.

In his first start, Ohtani threw 4.2 innings, struck out 7, allowed 1 run off 2 hits, and produced a 1.93 ERA. Shohei did walk 5 batters, but he was fantastic considering the awful spring training he had on the mound.

As a hitter, Ohtani has been great. He’s got 10 hits from 34 at-bats, has driven in 10 runs, has scored 7 runs, is batting .294, has stolen 2 bases and has hit 3 home runs

The Angels know Mike Trout will get it going. If Ohtani can keep this up and the rest of the rotation throws heat, the Angels 2021 World Series baseball betting line odds should fall further. 

San Diego Padres

As of April 10, the San Diego Padres are a game behind the NL West-leading Dodgers. Everyone who saw San Diego sign Yu Darvish and acquire Blake Snell had a feeling the Padres would challenge Los Angeles.

But only one of the starting pitchers is a reason the Padres are in contention. Darvish has a 4.22 ERA after 2 games.

Snell’s ERA, though, is a fantastic 1.86. It’s challenging to see Darvish not getting it together, which means as long as Snell continues to throw well, the Padres should maintain their 1.98 first in team ERA ranking. 

Houston Astros

No Justin Verlander. No George Springer. No problem. 

During the offseason, the Astros allowed Springer to sign a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays.

 Then Houston got the news that Justin Verlander, their ace pitcher, most likely wouldn’t play this season. 

Losing Springer and not starting Verlander was supposed to hurt the Astros, but it hasn’t.

Houston is tied with the Angels with the best record in the AL West. The Astros are winning at the plate.

They’ve got the fourth-best team batting average, the third-best OPS, and have scored 56 runs as of April 10, second in MLB. If an ace pitcher can emerge, the Astros should continue to see their World Series betting lines plummet.    

Philadelphia Phillies

All Philadelphia does is win baseball games. As a team, the Phillies aren’t exceptional in any area. They rank fourteenth in batting average and ninth in team ERA.

But individual athletes with Philadelphia have played great. After a couple of starts, Aaron Nola has a 2.53 ERA. Zack Wheeler’s ERA is 2.31.

Catcher J.T. Realmuto is batting .346. Former NL MVP Bryce Harper is batting .280, and former New York Yankees’ shortstop Didi Gregorius is batting .290.

If Andrew McCutchen can get his game going, the Phillies will jump in team batting average and runs scored per game. On paper, the lineup is as solid as any in MLB. 

Cincinnati Reds

So far, the Phillies are a surprise. Big names play for Philadelphia, though. No big-name plays for the Cincinnati Reds.

Cincinnati lost their best pitcher, Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer, but it hasn’t mattered in the first couple of weeks. The Reds are 6-2.

The NL Central leaders send the best hitting team in baseball to the diamond. Cincinnati averages .312 as a team. 

Six of the Reds’ eight players who have had at least twenty at-bats are hitting .300 or better. Nick Senzel is batting .400, Tucker Barnhardt is batting .409, and Mike Moustakas has a .360 average.

Third baseman Jonathan India has a .379 batting average, and Nick Castellanos is hitting .364. Tyler Naquin not only bats .333, but he also has 5 home runs and has batted in 14 runs in 27 at-bats.

The baseball betting odds on the Reds had dived from over 30-to-1 before the season started to barely above 20-to-1. Bookie software agents should expect odds on the Reds to devalue further.

Two rules to managing baseball betting lines on the 2021 World Series

If the teams listed above continue to perform, players will call bookie agents looking to back those teams. Instead of telling players they can’t wager on the Reds, Phillies, Astros, or any other team listed, agents should do the following.

  • Set max 2021 World Series future betting limits
  • Set max World Series payout limits

Keep limits to something comfortable for you. A $100 payout on a 20-to-1 World Series future bet is $2,000. 

While we’re talking limits, check out RedZ Review where he discusses how he manages MLB parlays. Red provides information on limiting baseball parlays to ensure profit. 

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