You are currently viewing NFL Football Super Bowl 2024 Preview

NFL Football Super Bowl 2024 Preview

NFL Football Super Bowl 2024 Preview. The big game is almost here. Maybe it’s just as much a good idea to give the fans a week off as they do for the players. A little break before the final game of the season gives us time to clear our heads and plan where we’re going to watch and what we’re going to bet on.

Super Bowl LVIII

Date: Sunday, February 11 at 6:30 pm ET, Las Vegas

Kansas City Chiefs versus San Francisco 49ers (-2, 47.5)

Kansas City Chiefs

This is the second time in five years that these two teams are meeting for the final game. The Chiefs are underdogs for the third straight game in the playoffs. The only other time they were underdogs in the playoffs was in last year’s Super Bowl game against the Eagles. They have a perfect 3-0 record as underdogs. This Super Bowl looks like they’ll keep that perfect record going. Mahomes plays with confidence and has abundant playoff experience.

With the best defense they’ve had in the Mahomes era, I don’t see how they can miss. The one thing most critics agree on is that it’s probably going to be a close one.

San Francisco 49ers

Being the favorites in both playoff games and having to come from behind to win doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in this team. It might be because they were surprised at how good these teams were compared to expectations, but they won’t have that problem with the Chiefs. We all know how good KC is, especially their defense, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and tight end Travis Kelsey.

Brock Purdy – the Untested Element

I think the biggest criticism against Purdy is that he shouldn’t be as good as he is because he’s short and slow. All those scouts can’t be wrong. They claim that he’s doing well because he’s surrounded by talent and a great coach (Kyle Shanahan). He has All-Pro tight end George Kittle, two elite wide receivers, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, and MVP candidate running back Christian McCaffrey.

The critics could be right, but couldn’t you say that about most great players? Move them to another team, and you’ll generally see them improve or go downhill depending on the players around him and the team culture.

Whatever Purdy’s situation is, he can make the plays when he needs to and come back from behind.

Let’s Not Forget Christian McCaffrey’s Record

With his 24th touchdown of the season during the NFC Championship, running back McCaffrey surpassed Jerry Rice and has the most touchdowns in a season (including playoffs) for the 49ers franchise. Not only did it set the record, it was critical in San Francisco’s comeback to beat the Lions.

He also tied the NFL record for most consecutive games with a touchdown at 17, tied with Hall of Famer Lenny Moore. The Purdy and McCaffrey matchup might not be as dynamic as the Mahommes and Kelce duo, but they are highly effective.

What Can You Bet On?

That should probably read, “What can’t you bet on?” for the Super Bowl game. Here are a few props ideas:

  • First touchdown scorer
  • Interceptions thrown for either quarterback
  • Travis Kelce to score a touchdown
  • Purdy rushing yards
  • Coin toss
  • Length of National Anthem
  • Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl?

The bets are only restricted by your imagination. One bet that is gaining popularity this year is the Super Bowl Exact Score and each team’s Exact Point Totals bets. They are longshot bets but can be a fun alternative to spreads and totals to finish the game.

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