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How Bookie Agents Can Increase Racebook Software Profits

Fall doesn’t just bring football, it also brings the most important part of the year on the U.S. horse racing calendar. Huge races take place from now until Nov. 2 and Nov. 3, the 2018 2-day Breeders’ Cup Racing Festival.

Pay per head agents can increase profits by utilizing what their racebook software provides.

How Agents Increase Racebook Software Profits

  1. Promote online racebook ease of use

BossPayPerHead’s online racebook software offers wagering on all major tracks throughout North America and in the UK. Horseplayers can easily make both straight wagers and exotic wagers. All horseplayers must do is log onto the racebook, choose the race on which they want to wager, and then place their bets.

It’s that easy. They can watch the races through channel TVG, or online.

  1. Racebook software allows agents to go back-and-forth between sports and the racebook

With football season here, many horseplayers might also wish to wager on sports. They can do it all through BossPayPerHead’s interface. designed the interface to make it easy for bettors to place sports wagers, racebook wagers, and casino wagers.

In addition, online bookie agents could run weekend promotions with the most important Breeders’ Cup races and both college football and NFL. The great thing about running your own online sportsbook is that you can get as creative as you’d like to increase action. Something like a 5% credit on total horse racing and college football winnings on a Saturday should increase action in both the online racebook and your online sportsbook.

  1. Make payouts and collect in cryptocurrency

BossAction’s new agent payment system allows bookie agents to make payouts and collect in cryptocurrency. Most players already know cryptocurrency benefits. Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer and safer than traditional currencies.

BossAction’s new agent payment system allows for player to agent and agent to player cryptocurrency transactions. Per head agents can pay out quicker. Agents can also collect quicker. The quicker agents collect, the quicker they update players’ accounts. The quicker agents update player accounts, the quicker players can use those funds to make wagers. also offers a 15% referral bonus program. Pay per head agents should call 800-339-4108 for a demo.

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