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Tips on Bookie Software Tools to Manage MLB Game Props

Online bookie agents that don’t promote MLB game props betting are missing out on huge dollars. MLB prop bets, like most prop bets, are difficult to hit. But, that doesn’t mean agents shouldn’t set things up to ensure profit.

Check out 3 bookie software tools agents can use to manage MLB Game props wagers.

3 PPH Software Tools to Manage MLB Game Prop Wagers

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  1. Hold percentage tool – The hold percentage tool provides a breakdown by sport, league, period, and bet type of activity by a player. The breakdown consists of: bet count, volume, win, loss, hold percentage, and the average win amount.

Using the hold percentage tool for MLB Game prop wagers, let’s agents know how much current action, and how much profit (hold percentage) per head agents make from MLB Game prop bets. This information helps agents understand if, and when, they should promote MLB Game prop betting.

  1. Mass editing tool – Like what agents do with all prop bets, max betting limits should be placed on MLB game prop bets. The easiest way to do this is to set max betting limits for all players via the mass editing tool.

Again, sports bettors won’t often hit prop bets. However, scoring on a prop bet does happen. That means agents must be careful about allowing bettors to place as many wagers as they wish on MLB Game props.

  1. Schedule limit override tool – The good old schedule limit override tool allows agents to create circle limits on a schedule for a sport, period, or profile. It won’t often happen that agents must create a circle limit on MLB game props. It does happen, though. Most likely a per head agent must create a circle limit for an entire game. The circle limit will include both basic money line and run line wagers as well as all game prop wagers.