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3 Sportsbook Software Tools to Manage U.S. Open Golf Betting

The second PGA Major Tournament of the year takes place starting this Thursday on June 14. The U.S. Open is one of the most important golf tournaments of the year. The great Tiger Woods is determined to come back guns blazing after being less than his stellar self for a decade.

Interest in the U.S. Open is high. Should Tiger win, interest in golf betting will remain high. Pay per head agents should utilize 3 tools to manage betting on the US Open as well as betting on future golf events.

3 Sportsbook Software Tools to Manage US Open Golf Betting

The 3 tools listed below should be utilized to manage action on most PGA Tournaments. They’re not specifically for the U.S. Open.

Mass editing tool – The mass editing tool allows agents to perform mass edits for all their players. The best way to use the mass editing tool is to set max betting limits on individual golfers to win individual tournaments. An example that uses the U.S. Open is below:

Dustin Johnson                       +1100

Rory McIlroy                          +1400

Jordan Spieth                          +1400

Tiger Woods                           +1800

The odds above imply that if Tiger Woods wins the U.S. Open, just as an example, the payout is $1,800 for every $100 wagered. That’s a huge pay out. By setting max betting limits, online bookie agents can manage possible payouts.

Schedule limit override – The good old schedule limit override tool allows agents to set a circle limit on a player, an event, or even a specific wager within that event. Here’s another example using the U.S. Open:  let’s say that action on Tiger at +1800 is out of control. Agents can then set a schedule limit override on Tiger to win the U.S. Open. Bettors are likely to look toward different betting options like Johnson, McIlroy, Spieth, and other golfers on the board.

Hold percentage tool – The best way to utilize the hold percentage tool is after the fact. After the U.S. Open takes place this weekend, use the hold percentage tool to find out exactly how much profit golf betting drove. The information can be invaluable. It will help you, the per head agent, discover whether you must promote golf betting.