You are currently viewing 2022 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament Schedule

2022 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament Schedule

With Selection Sunday now behind us, the time for the most famous college basketball tournament is upon us as we look at the 2022 schedule. Because of COVID, the 2020 tournament was canceled, and last year’s event had restrictions to deal with. But as many of those restrictions are being taken away all over the country, March Madness might hit a whole new level of intensity.

The dates for the different rounds are:

  •     First Four – March 15-16
  •     First Round / Second Round – March 17 – 20
  •     Sweet 16 / Elite Eight – March 24 – 27
  •     Final Four – April 2
  •     Final Four National Championship – April 4

Get Ready for the Betting

2022 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament Schedule

Be prepared for a ton of bets coming in. With so many teams playing in the first round and second round of March Madness, you probably won’t get a lot of in-game betting with the 2022 college basketball schedule. You might still get some futures bets, but managing your sportsbook should be a lot easier during those rounds as your bettors focus mainly on point spread or over/under bets.

Make sure to place limits on the games, but if you get stuck, use your Layoff account for any large bets. 

The top seeds to watch out for are:

  1.     Gonzaga
  2.     Arizona
  3.     Kansas
  4.     Baylor
  5.     Auburn
  6.     Kentucky
  7.     Villanova
  8.     Duke

Teams to Watch Out For

  •     Gonzaga is the highest-scoring team this season, averaging 87.8 points per game and the fastest team with 73.8 possessions per game. Gonzaga and Auburn are top-seeded teams that have never won a national title. Will this be the year that one of them changes that stat?
  •     Villanova has had the best free-throwing record this season at 82.3%
  •     Keep an eye out for Auburn. They had 60-1 odds at the start of the season to win it all. Now they are 10-1. Expect some surprises from this team.
  •     Duke has all the talent but not always the consistency. It will be interesting to watch this team and see if they shine during the tournament.
  •     Baylor is always a powerhouse but has been crippled by injuries this season. I look forward to seeing what their veteran coach’s plan will be.

How Well are the No. 1 Seeds Expected to Do?

2022 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament Schedule

You could say that the selection committee has done very well over the last few years in picking the winning teams. They’ve done an excellent job in evolving the best formula to pick the seeds for the tournament each year because No. 1 seed teams have won the tournament in the last 4 out of 5 years. Villanova won in 2016, and were the last non-no. 1 seed to win. 

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