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Free Betting Software: How to Manage NFL and NCAAF Parlays

When bookies offer free betting software, they can run into issues. Sharps are always on the lookout to take advantage. Pay per head agents must educate themselves on how the cagiest sport betting players use NFL and NCAAF parlays to juice payouts.

We’re in the heart of both the 2020 NFL and the 2020 college football seasons. Bookies who struggled throughout the coronavirus pandemic are giddy due to the action football has brought. Not only has the level of play in the NFL, particularly from the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New Orleans Saints, risen to the stratosphere, but all Power 5 college football conferences are in action.

Every week, bookmakers can offer free betting software on a full slate of NFL and college football games. All NFL teams are popular, while gridiron college squads like Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon, and Alabama have played week in and week out with few interruptions.

That’s excellent news for the future because three U.S. companies, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna, have created COVID-19 vaccines that range from 77% to over 95% efficacy. Even Dr. Fauci believes the U.S. can return to normal by next July.

As far as the present is concerned, BossAction agents continue to accept massive action on popular football teams to cover the spread and to win on the moneyline. Most of the time, agents using sportsbook software mustn’t worry about managing bets. 

That’s not true for one popular wager. Football and NCAAF parlays can cripple any online sportsbook, including one run by a pay per head agent. Sharp parlay football bettors use tricks to boost payouts. 

What are parlay bets?

The word parlay is a transitive verb that means “to increase or otherwise transform into something of much greater value.” A parlay bet is a connected wager that includes at least two different teams.

When players make a parlay bet, single wagers are connected, meaning that all bets in the parlay must win for the player to win their bet. If the first two teams win, but the third team loses in 3-team NCAAF parlay, the bettor loses the wager.

So far, parlays sound like massive sportsbook profit generators. In most cases, they are! It’s challenging to hit parlays. More importantly? Parlays never offer fair odds.

Sharp bettors, though, play parlays for a different reason. They do so to increase potential payouts. 

How top players use the NFL and NCAAF parlays to boost payouts

A typical sharp parlay football play involves two to four games made up of pro and college gridiron contests. Here’s an example of a 3-team football parlay bet.

  1. Alabama -10 ½ versus Auburn
  2. Las Vegas +7 versus Kansas City
  3. Tampa Bay -3 versus New Orleans

Bookies know that if their player makes the above parlay bet, Alabama must beat Auburn by at least 11, Las Vegas can’t lose to Kansas City by more than 6, and Tampa Bay must beat New Orleans by at least 4 for the player to win their parlay wager.

Price per head sportsbook agents also know that if a player wins this parlay, they will take home roughly $600 in profit for every $100 bet. 3-team parlays often pay 6-to-1. 

The final thing sportsbook operators understand is that the chances of hitting a parlay like this are difficult, more complicated than the 6-to-1 odds imply. Sharp players don’t bet parlays like the one above. 

Let’s say a sharp player wants to wager on the above 3-teams and that the sharp has $1,000 in which to bet. The professional football betting player will likely use their $1,000 this way.

Top play – $500 on Las Vegas +7 versus Kansas City

Second best play – $350 on Tampa Bay -3 versus New Orleans

3-Team parlay – $150 on Las Vegas +7, New Orleans -3, and Alabama moneyline

Adding the Alabama moneyline decreases the pro bettors profit potential. However, it increases the chances of hitting the parlay big time. 

An aggressive sharp bettor could even play a $1,000 parlay with Las Vegas +7, Tampa Bay -3, and the Alabama moneyline. Even though the parlay won’t pay 6-to-1, it could deliver at least 3-to-1. That’s a $3,000 profit if the pro bettor hits the parlay.

How do bookies prevent from taking a bath on parlay bets? All pay per head bookie agents must set max betting limits and payouts on all parlay bets and disallow players from using moneylines in their parlays.

Add the BossAction Live+ and Agent Payment Solution platforms to increase your profits

BossAction agents can provide free betting software on more than sports events. The Live+ platform allows you to offer your customers game trackers and video streams. Both boost betting action.

Also, BossAction is the only company with a system where you can make online payments and collections. With the Agent Payment Solution, bookie agents can pay their players without ever having to meet. 

The quicker a bookmaker pays her players, the quicker players return that money in the form of bets. Make sure to import your players to BossAction so that you can use the most powerful sports betting provider software possible and so you can offer the most comprehensive free betting software platforms. 

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