How to Increase Sportsbook Software Profits With MLB Live Betting

For many pay per head agents, live betting has become an important revenue stream. Most agents, though, gain live betting revenue from NFL. provides software that allows agents to offer live betting on many more sports than just NFL.

In the final month of the MLB Season, agents can squeeze plenty of live betting profits from baseball bettors. Check out a method to make profit from MLB live betting.

Gain Sportsbook Software Profits with MLB Live Betting

  1. September is the best month for MLB bettors

MLB betting heats up in September. Teams battle to make playoffs. Underdogs try to beat the favorites and every World Series contender in MLB steps up their game. Although baseball must battle football for eyeballs, important baseball games take place every day.

College football plays games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Not all college football games, even the ones on television, interest sports bettors. NFL has games on Monday night, Thursday night, and Sundays. That leaves Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday open for MLB.

Every MLB game on television in September means something. Per head agents can make profit by promoting live betting on those MLB games.

  1. Multiple MLB games every day means multiple live bet opportunities

Most MLB teams play every day from now until Sep. 30. That makes plenty of opportunities on a daily basis for per head agents to promote MLB live betting opportunities.

Promotions should revolve around teams in the best position to make the post-season and games that the major networks:  ESPN, MLB, and FS1, air nationally. Interest in post-season relevant games and nationally televised games already exists.

Bookie agents must just tap into that relevance.

  1. Wrap new agent payment system into MLB betting promotions

The new payment system allows agents to accept deposits, make payouts, and collect in cryptocurrency. By working with cryptocurrencies, agents can ensure all the safety measures that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ripple and Ethereum provide.

More importantly to players, they receive payouts much quicker via cryptocurrency. Agents should add that information into all MLB live betting promotions.

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