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Pay Per Head Referral Program: Earn 15% on Deposits

NFL Regular Season starts on Sept. 6. Online bookie agents can increase their profit from NFL Regular Season through Boss Action’s pay per head referral program. In our other blog this week, we discussed how agents can make big profit from the referral program. We used a referred agent that deposits $10,000 each quarter as an example.

It’s not easy to get agents to switch per head companies. Luckily, Boss Action has added a new agent payment system that addresses some things in the per head industry. Check out the new agent system. The new agent system might be the carrot you need to convince referred agents to join.

BossPayPerHead New Agent System

The agent payment solution allows agents to:

  • Request withdrawals from their accounting without the need to contact billing. Same withdrawal methods and policies that currently show in the Payout Chart under the Layoff tab for master agents apply.
  • Receive deposits from their players using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple)
  • Send payouts to players through those same cryptocurrencies. Payouts are debited from the agent’s billing balance.
  • For both prime and pro plans – Player to agent and agent to player
  • Agents can receive deposits from their players using cryptocurrency and send payouts to players

In the past, if pay per head agents wished to withdraw from their layoff or billing accounts, they had to contact accounting. Not anymore. Now, agents can withdraw from either their layoff or billing accounts whenever they wish.

Players can deposit via their cryptocurrency of choice:  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple. The safety that comes with cryptocurrency deposits makes this a great player advantage. In addition, agents can pay out in cryptocurrencies. By paying out in cryptocurrencies, agents pay players quicker. Again, another great advantage for players.

When agents collect in cryptocurrency, they collect much quicker. That’s a huge advantage for both the player and the agent. For the agent, quicker collections makes things easier. For the player, quicker collections leads to quicker account updates. Pay per head agents update player accounts quicker than if agents must make in-person collections.

Players with updated accounts, bet more. Per head agents should use the new agent payment system to convince peers to join Then, they can start making big bucks off per head referral agent deposits. If referred agents want a demo, they can call 800-339-4108.