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Online Bookie Tip: Use Our Referral Program to Jump-Start Profit

Pay per head agents can increase profit via Boss Action’s referral program, so is a top tip for an online bookie to maximise their revenue. Rules surround the referral program. Let’s get to the rules before talking about how much money some agents can make

BossAction Referral Program Rules

Must it be a new referral?

Yes, it must be a new referral. Two agents can’t decide to split business. That wouldn’t work. The referral must be someone who has never worked with before. Agents can only refer non BossAction clients.

How much will agents make on referrals?

For every deposit the referral makes, agents who referred the individual makes 15% of the deposit.

How long will the agents make 15% off a referral’s deposits?

Agents will make 15% off a referral’s deposits for a year. From the date the referred business becomes a customer, agent’s will accrue 15% of the referral’s deposits to the same date in the next calendar year.

Per Head Agents Can Make Big Profit from Referrals

BossAction designed the program to make it easy for agents to make money from referrals. The way to increase profit if referred agents make big deposits. Some referred agents might already make big deposits on a set schedule.

One such schedule could be a quarterly schedule where referred agents deposit money every quarter. Here’s an example:

Each quarter a referred agent deposits $10,000. Four separate deposits of $10,000 happen in a year. For only a single referred agent, you stand to make:

Quarter 1:  $1,500

Quarter 2:  $1,500

Quarter 3:  $1,500

Quarter 4:  $1,500

Total = $6,000

The more online bookie referred agents deposit, the more money you stand to make, so is definitely a top tip. Adding referred agents accelerates the 15%. Only two referred agents for the above example yields $12,000. Three referred agents yields $18,000.

In addition to the referral program, BossAction has a new agent payment system that allows for withdrawals without having to call accounting. Agents can also make payouts in cryptocurrency, accept deposits in cryptocurrency, and collect in cryptocurrency.

Use the new agent payment system to encourage referred agents to make the switch to For any referred agents that would like a demo, have them call 800-339-4108.