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Online Bookie Tip: Create a Live Betting NFL Strategy

The NFL Preseason is in full swing. By Sep. 6, most online bookie agents should have a clear idea of how they’re going to promote action on all forms of NFL betting. That includes live betting on NFL games.

Check out a live betting NFL strategy, a way to get players to wager more on live NFL games, that’s sure to increase action and profit.

Online Bookie Tip:  Create a Live Betting NFL Strategy

This strategy should work for all agents that provide wagering services to casual players. Most pro players don’t make live wagers. This is a step by step strategy

  1. Sign-up for BossAction’s Premium Software Plan

Boss Pay Per Head’s premium software plan provides more live betting reports than what’s available through BossAction’s regular PPH software. The live betting reports are essential as you hone your live betting NFL strategy. Right now, you can get the premium plan for only $3 per head.

Along with live betting reports, and the essential line mover, the premium plan also offers television listings. That’s a key element to the live betting NFL strategy.

  1. Once signed-up with the premium plan, check the television listings

The NFL shows regional games. If you live in a specific part of the nation and most of your players reside where you reside, you can definitely promote the regional games. But, the strategy doesn’t involve regional games on Sunday afternoons. The strategy involves the following nationally televised games:

NFL Money Night Football

NFL Thursday Night Football

NFL Sunday Night Football

  1. Once pay per head agents have used television listings to find out when the nationally televised games take place, promote those games

What’s the best way to promote live betting on those games? It depends, but really the higher interest in the game, when popular teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England, and Dallas play, the more action is likely to come to your sportsbook via live wagers.

Reason to Promote Live Betting on Nationally Televised NFL Games

The main reason to promote live betting on nationally televised NFL games is because the Monday night, Thursday night, and Sunday night NFL games are designed to be shown when individuals are collectively watching the games.

Casual players are more likely to wager on games that they can view. Pay per head agents know for sure that casual players will view nationally televised games. Therefore, they’re more likely to make live bets.

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