You are currently viewing MLB Betting: Manage Baseball Moneylines for Profit

MLB Betting: Manage Baseball Moneylines for Profit

MLB Betting: Manage Baseball Moneylines for Profit 

It’s Major League Baseball Season, which means expert MLB handicappers and those looking to take advantage of suspect pro baseball betting lines will be out in force. Keep reading to discover everything pay per head agents must know to ensure they don’t take an MLB betting bath during the season.

Because the three major sports leagues require fan attendance, the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball all lost revenue in 2020. All three expect a huge bounce back in 2021.

The National Basketball Association continues to play with few, if any, fans in attendance. But the NBA has already had a better year than last because they’re playing a 72-game schedule.

Major League Baseball said before spring training that they’d play an entire 162-game regular season. Some franchises, like the Texas Rangers, opened their parks to whoever wanted to attend home games. 

Teams that have strict attendance policies have turned to other revenue-producing means. Ball clubs like the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs have gotten into partnerships with online sportsbooks. The Nationals are designing and opening a sportsbook next door to their stadium. 

That’s excellent news for pay per head agents. More acceptance should help PPH sportsbook agents increase action. 

More action leads to more profit. But there’s a specificity to MLB betting that doesn’t exist in other sports leagues, which means per head agents must be careful when offering lines and accepting wagers.

Check out the best way to prevent baseball betting experts from taking advantage of your sportsbook. 

Professional baseball betting handicappers think moneyline and parlays

For years, many sportsbook analysts believed baseball was the forgotten child. The thinking was that since baseball didn’t provide spread lines, U.S.-based gamblers wouldn’t wager as much on MLB as they do on the NFL and NBA.

Although overall, the NFL and NBA will always attract more action than baseball, MLB betting has grown in popularity. Baseball betting revenue has climbed to at least $1 billion a year. 

It makes sense that oddsmaking agents who offer free betting software on football and basketball games also provide betting on baseball. Keep reading for an explanation of the MLB moneyline and how to prevent baseball handicapping experts from dominating your book.

Major League Baseball moneyline

The best way to describe moneyline wagering on baseball is to provide an example. On April 20, 2021, the Milwaukee Brewers headed to San Diego to take on the Padres.

See below for the opening moneyline.

  • Milwaukee Brewers -110
  • San Diego Padres -110

Milwaukee sent their best pitcher, Corbin Burnes, to the mound. Heading into the game, Burnes had allowed a single run in over 18 innings thrown.

Because Burnes was such a strong pitcher, San Diego decided to rest two of their best players, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado. Also, the Padres sent their fifth starter, Chris Paddock, to the hill.

Although Paddock was fifth in the rotation behind ace Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, Dinelson Lamet, and Joe Musgrove, he had a decent ERA. Paddock’s earned run average at the time was 3.50. 

As the day wore on, the odds on the game shifted. By late afternoon, about 3 hours before the first pitch, Milwaukee had become an outright favorite.

The odds on the Brewers to win had gone from -110 to -120. That’s where the odds stayed. The money that forced Milwaukee from a -110 to -120 choice didn’t come from casual bettors.

Most casual players ignore specific managerial changes. MLB betting fans will place money on teams depending on starting pitchers and who has home field. MLB betting pros think about specific moves by managers, like sitting Fernando Tatis and Manny Machado.

The odds started at even. Neither team was favored, which means professional baseball betting handicappers drove the Brewers to -120 favoritism. What happened in the game? Milwaukee beat San Diego 6-0.

Padres considered the game a throwaway

One of the reasons for Milwaukee’s easy victory is that San Diego didn’t plan on winning the contest. MLB teams play a total of 162 games. 

Managers don’t expect their players to give it their all in every one of the 162 games. Baseball managers use early contests to figure out effective batting lineups and their best starting rotation. 

They also like to give work to reliever

  1. MLB betting players call bookie agents looking for decent odds on teams. 

Then, they bet as much as allowed on those teams. Managers don’t often release information, like sitting star players, until the morning of, after oddsmakers have established opening lines. 

Create strict MLB moneyline parlay limits

There are two ways to prevent losses on MLB bets. The first is to use the layoff account. Once a large bet on baseball hits your sportsbook, head to your layoff account and lay off risk. 

Lay all of it off if you wish to be sure. You won’t make money from the wager. But you won’t lose any money, either.

The second is to limit parlays to two to three teams. The moneyline on Brewers versus Padres didn’t go past Milwaukee -120 even though San Diego had pretty much said they were willing to lose the game.

Baseball betting professionals, no doubt, added the Brewers into all their parlay wagers. A -120 addition can boost payouts. So agents that use bookie software must watch out for that.

Use BossAction layoff account and add Premium Props to boost action

The layoff account isn’t the only tool BossAction offers agents to manage their sportsbooks. Various reports and player management tools all help bookies create an efficient online sportsbook

Boosting action is also possible. Premium Props is one of the most popular digital platforms during baseball season. MLB betting handicappers love to wager on how many strikeouts a pitcher throws or how many runs and RBIs a batter produces.

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