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U.S. Presidential Election Politics Odds Update

For the first time in history, multiple October Surprises have happened during this election season, which means presidential betting odds have gone back and forth and may not settle until US Election Day.

It appeared as if Joe Biden might walk away with the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election during the summer. Biden had what seemed like an insurmountable lead. Also, the current Commander-in-Chief is both loved and despised.

Those who like Trump love the man. Those who despise Trump absolutely can’t stand the former Celebrity Apprentice host. Before the Republican National Convention, it sure felt like more believed Trump is the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz before meeting Dorothy than those who think he’s a brilliant businessman.

Odds favored Biden heading into the conventions. After the Republican convention, though, election odds on the US President dipped. One of the reasons is because someone backed Donald Trump with big bucks to win another four years on Pennsylvania Avenue. That wager caused a betting trend that spilled into September.

Trump appeared set to become the favorite. Then, the first debate happened. The debate was a disaster for the sitting president, no matter how his campaign spun it. Although some of Trump’s fans said he won the debate because he discussed policy, most who watched only saw Trump berating an older gentleman.

Odds quickly trended in Biden’s favor. At the time, many felt Trump’s performance at the first debate was the often discussed October Surprise that shifts president-elect wagering trends. That’s not the case in 2020, though. More October surprises have happened, and still, more may come.

US Election Odds for President 2020 October Surprises

For bookies that offer free betting software, the election was a roller-coaster before the listed surprises in October. But the following have caused many bookie agents to set up real-time betting alerts. Once alerted, some bookmakers have used their layoff account to manage bets on the first Tuesday in November. Check out the three October surprises after Trump’s disaster of a debate that has changed odds betting trends.

Trump contracts COVID-19

The biggest story of 2020 is the coronavirus pandemic. The United States economy went into a tailspin after COVID hit the nation’s shores and governors instituted shutdowns. Since the pandemic began, Democrats have seized on the opportunity to paint Trump as ineffective at battling the virus.

Once Trump contracted COVID-19, they jumped on the Commander-in-Chief. Although most hoped that he would get better, many claimed it was a sign that he had indeed botched the country’s response to the pandemic. 

In any case, Trump contracting COVID stopped his odds ascension. The Commander-in-Chief’s coronavirus positive made odds on the president tick lower while odds on the challenger slightly rose.

Trump gets over COVID-19

It took Trump about a week to get over the disease. That allowed the President of the United States to claim he was right all along. COVID-19 isn’t worth shutting down the entire economy, masks don’t make a difference, and unless you have an underlying condition, you, like Donald Trump, will be back to normal in no time.

The message was a wash. Some felt that how Trump had gotten over COVID-19 meant that he had been right all along. Others thought that the Commander-in-Chief hadn’t gotten sick at all and that it was a ploy for Trump to gain sympathy.

No matter the case, pay per head agents that use sports betting software watched as Trump’s beat down of COVID-19 caused players to back both candidates. Some made big wagers on Biden. Others supported the current president.   

Hunter Biden’s emails detailing possible Joe Biden corruption comes to light

 Supposedly, Hunter Biden dropped off a laptop to a repair shop with a bunch of his emails on it. The emails detail all sorts of things. The emails that have affected U.S. prez odds purportedly details how Hunter tried to get a kickback for Joe Biden.

We won’t go further into it because the emails may or may not be legitimate. In any case, Trump, as you might expect, has used the emails to bolster his campaign and damage Joe’s. That, in turn, caused Trump’s odds to change significantly. 

Although Biden remains the favorite, Trump is less of an underdog after the Hunter story broke than before the Hunter story. Trump promises to ask Biden about the Hunter laptop in the final debate on October 22. Will another October surprise exit from the dark, dank, political cesspool? 

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