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Offer Free Betting Software on Tyson versus Jones Jr. on November 28

Two of the greatest boxers in history step into the ring on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Roy Jones Jr. versus Mike Tyson has become much more than an exhibition bout. Offer your players free betting software on Iron Mike Tyson versus Roy “Superman” Jones Jr.

One of the most storied athletes in sports history steps into the ring on Saturday, November 28. Iron Mike Tyson will fight legendary pugilist Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round exhibition fight to determine which boxer still has it. 

Although the fight began as a four-round exhibition to display depreciated skills involving two historic fighters, it’s turned into much more than that. Both men have trained as hard as possible. Based on how they look and released training videos, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones are ready to put on a show.

Nobody will ever doubt that the two men know more about boxing than 99% of the people on planet earth. Their knowledge regarding their beloved sports is unquestioned. Because both are taking the exhibition bout seriously, the match could be competitive, a rarity in boxing.

Upsets like Teofimo Lopez over Vasyl Lomachenko don’t often happen. More to the norm are overmatched fights like Crawford against Brook, where Terence dominated Kell in a four-round knockout victory.

Boxing fans and handicappers will want to use your free sportsbook software to back either Iron Mike or Superman to win the fight. Check out information on the participants. Knowing who Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are can help you promote wagering. We also discuss how to handle boxing bets.

Who is Iron Mike Tyson?

Although it may be impossible to find a person on planet Earth who has never heard of Mike Tyson, most don’t know the facts. Here are some things about Iron Mike to pass along to your players.

  • Became the youngest heavyweight champ in history when he beat Trevor Berbick in 1986
  • Won the first 37 fights of his career
  • Won 33 of his first 37 fights via KO or TKO
  • Appeared in The Hangover movies
  • Regarded as having the most potent left hook in the history of boxing
  • Decided to become a vegan in 2013
  • Purportedly lost 60 to 70 pounds to prepare for his fight against Jones Jr.

The last bullet point may be the most important. Tyson is in the best shape of his life since he held the championship belts. Not only that, but in recent interviews, Tyson has been downright giddy about the prospect of stepping into the ring to battle Roy Jones.

A motivated Mike Tyson will make for a great fight. Tyson has said that he knows only one way to fight, and that’s to try and destroy his opponents. Roy should take the former champ’s statements to heart.

So should pay per head agents. Iron Mike is the favorite to win on November 28. If agents don’t set max betting limits and possibly even max payout limits on Tyson, boxing handicappers could use free betting software to make huge bets on Tyson to get the win.   

Who is Roy Jones Jr.?

Roy Jones Jr. fought at a lower weight-class than Tyson. Like Iron Mike, most boxing historians regard Superman as one of the best of all time. Here are a few facts about Roy Jones Jr. that you can pass to your players.

  • Grew up in a boxing family
  • Father was a Vietnam war hero and a middleweight
  • Started boxing at an early age
  • Started his career going 34-0
  • Lost his first fight via disqualification after hitting Montel Griffin when Griffin was on the canvas
  • Brought a 49-1 record into the first non-disqualification loss of his career
  • One day, played a CBA basketball game in the afternoon before winning a championship bout that night
  • Won titles in four weight classes – middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight

Jones Jr.’s fights have a much different style than Mike Tyson. Like Iron Mike, he’s trained hard for the upcoming battle. If Jones uses his jab and wraps Tyson when he’s close, Roy does have a path to victory.

He’s lost some speed, but his boxing IQ is just as high as Tyson’s. The two should have an excellent chess match going in the early rounds. Because of that, per head bookie agents should also set max betting limits on Roy Jones Jr. 

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