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Players – Make These Bets to Win Money

This blog might also be called: Bets that bookies have to look out for. Bets that give players a better chance to win money don’t automatically cost bookies money, but they often do. 

Bookies make their money off the juice of the bet, but if they don’t do their best to keep their sportsbook balanced, they could get into trouble very quickly. 

If a bookie is taking on simple bets like who is going to win in the game between Boston and New York, it’s relatively simple to keep things balanced by making sure the same amount of money is bet for either team to win. 

But the more complicated the bet, the more difficult it is for a bookie to keep things balanced. That’s especially true when you’re talking about in-game betting. Things move fast. Sometimes you can only hope that the wins and losses come out even or in your favor. If larger bets appear, you can always use a layoff account to keep things from getting out of hand.

Let’s get back to the player. What are his best bets? If you’re talking about the different sports, the ones that are the least complicated are the best like boxing, soccer, or MMA. Boxing and MMA only have two variables, while soccer has low scoring. 

If you’re talking about the types of bets, the simplest ones are the best like Moneyline (which team will win). 

We recently did an article about parlay betting that might be helpful for the more experienced bettor. I explain how easy wins don’t make you any money, but if you parlay them together, you can get some big wins. For the agent, keep an eye on parlay bets. If the player has won every leg of the parlay and just has one more bet to win, you might want to consider laying off the parlay if it’s a sizable amount of money to win. If the player loses any leg of the parlay, you have nothing to worry about.

Betting Like a Fan

Players - Make These Bets to Win MoneyIf you bet like a fan, chances are you aren’t betting to make lots of money. You’re just adding excitement to the game. But this hardly ever goes in your favor. If you win, it’s heaven. If you lose, you can end up blaming your favorite team for your loss of money. Here’s a trick I learned years ago. If you want to bet on your favorite team, especially for a big game, bet against them as a rule. Here’s why. If your team wins, you don’t care about losing a little bit of money. But if your team loses, at least you made some bets to win money while your friends are crying in their beers. Call it a hedge bet. 

If you want to be a more serious gambler and make money at your venture, just stay away from betting on your favorite teams, especially if you’ve been drinking. That’s a bad combination. Even when you’re sober, it’s impossible to take out your bias and you’ll end up being upset at your team and your bankroll. 

Use Flat Betting

This isn’t so much a plan to make easy bets. It’s more about making sure you don’t lose money too quickly, especially if you’re new to sports betting. Ideally, while you’re learning about sports betting, you just bet with fake money. Once you’re good at it and making a few fake dollars, you move up to Flat betting. But we all know that people generally don’t have the discipline to do that.

So what is Flat betting? It’s simply betting the same amount of money on every bet. Not on some bets or most bets, but all bets. The best way to do it is to use a percentage of your bankroll. If you have $1,000 to blow on betting and pick 5%, that means each bet is for $50. If your bankroll increases, so would your betting amounts. 

If you can start with Flat betting and continue using it afterward, you’ll be well ahead of most gamblers that can get pulled in different directions by their emotions. It’s a great discipline to have when you hit a losing streak. This is also something that makes life a little easier for bookies because there aren’t these huge bets they have to cover or layoff. They know what to expect from their player.

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