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Bookie Tips: Using BossAction Football Betting Software

If you haven’t taken a look at the BossAction demo software, I thought I would take you on a guided tour. During football season many people are searching for pay per head football betting software. Here, we’ll give you a glance of what you will find.

When you click on the demo link, scroll down until you see the options “Player demo” and “Agent demo.” Let’s start with the agent demo. Click on the link, and you’ll see an example of a Dashboard that should be similar to the picture above.

Using BossAction Football Betting Software

Dashboard: An Agent’s Command Center

Using BossAction Football Betting SoftwareThe importance of a dashboard is to be able to see all the essential items in a flash. We have everything you can monitor and control on a vertical menu on the left-hand side. But it doesn’t matter how organized we make that. You still want to have the most important stuff available on one screen. 

We laid out the Dashboard as best we could but didn’t want to restrict you to our rendition of the ideal Dashboard. So we made it customizable. Then we got thinking. Why limit yourself to one dashboard? Now you can create more than one in case you want different types for different purposes. Make one for each sports league, for casino, per player… Whatever you want. And keep adjusting them till they’re just right.

Try it out on the demo. Click “Change Views” on the top right and mess around with it. The instructions are on the top. Try out different ideas. Don’t worry. You won’t break the demo, so go ahead and play. It’s your sandbox.

But Wait! There’s More You Can Customize

We’ve set up the Reports the way we think you’ll prefer them, but you can change the filters to rearrange the reports in your football betting software. It’s similar to the customization of Dashboard, but you don’t have the option to save different configurations. Just change your filters to produce the different types of reports you need.

Making the Perfect Menu in Your Football Betting Software

If you click on the hamburger on the top left of the screen, the menu will expand to the right, as shown. The dashboard is the top item, as we assume that’s the first thing you’ll want to see. Below that are “Favorites.” Any item on the menu has an outline of a star to the right of it. If you click on that, it fills in the star, which means it’s now a favorite. Click on it again, and it’s no longer a favorite – it’s just an outline. 

As I mentioned, any item on the menu can become a favorite, but not the headings. Once you’ve marked it as a favorite, it will show up when you click on the “Favorites” menu item. 

Football bets - bookie softwareCheck Out the Player’s Demo

As an agent, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the webpage each player will get when you sign up with BossAction, just in case they have any questions. 

The menu is horizontal on the top and is in two sections. On the left are all the items about bets, what they can bet on, and what they can bet. On the right is the management of their bets, including their open bets, the reports they can generate, and the betting rules.

Again, play with the demo to get a feel for it. Like the betting agent’s software, the player’s website is laid out to be self-explanatory and has rules and information available if you have any questions. We’ve worked hard to supply a website that is easy to navigate, has everything they need, and gives them the highest level of entertainment possible. 

I Need Help!

Have questions or are not sure how to do something? If you go back to the Agent’s Demo page, the bottom item on the side menu is called the “Business Advisory Service.” We thought that sounded much better than “Help!” You’ll find tutorial videos and articles here that you can scroll through. Plus, the top menu on this page includes “Keeping it Real, News, Products, and Tutorials,” which gives you information about BossAction and the betting world. 

You should be able to find what you’re looking for here, but if you can’t, you’ve always got our number – 1-800-339-4108. Our customer service reps are always available to field your questions and help you find ways to improve your bookie experience. Or click on the chat on any of our web pages (except the demo pages).

If you join now, you’ll get 100% cash back for up to 3 months, depending on how many players you have. Call one of our customer service reps to see how many months you qualify for. As a BossAgent, you’ll get the pay per head bookie tools to become a betboss and make more money.

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