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Bookie Website Info: The APS and Layoff Account Revisited

BossAction has many great features for any bookie wanting to run a sports book successfully. We’re going to showcase a couple here in some valuable bookie website info.

Agent Payment Solutions (APS)

One of the biggest headaches for any bookie is the movement of money. With so many choices these days, it can become a nightmare to get deposits from your players or pay them in ways they prefer to get paid. Sometimes it’s easier to go back to old school and just meet somewhere to make a cash exchange. 

BossAction has heard about this complaint for years and spent a lot of time working out a solution. Most online pay per head software suppliers cannot provide a good solution to this problem because they base their software on a pre-existing platform – usually ASI or DGS. Until those platforms update their payment systems, any software based on them won’t be able to make any changes either.

We didn’t base our software on someone else’s platform. We designed it entirely by ourselves so that we would have total control of what we could develop. Our APS feature is one-of-a-kind. It takes all the headaches out of payments. You and your players don’t have to leave the software platform to deal with money. You don’t have to figure out all those systems separately. 

Like the rest of our bookie software, we make it as intuitive as possible so it’s easy to figure out and work with. It saves you time, headaches, and frustration. You can still meet with your players from time to time, but you no longer have. We add every type of money exchange method that you or your players might ever want, including many types of cryptocurrencies. 

This feature alone brings in the most bookies to our system. It was well worth the effort and time to put it together. For those using Bitcoin, we’ve recently changed the payout fee. It’s now 0% for both agents and players. 

Layoff Account

Having a way to lay off big bets is nothing new, but the convenience factor might be. Bookies have had to set up accounts with other sportsbooks in the past, which have not always been as convenient and reliable as they’d want. 

When they sign up, we automatically add a layoff account to every Boss Agent. There are no restrictions to its use, and we don’t tell you how to use it. We simply advise against using it as your own personal bookie as that’s not its purpose. Having your business separate from your personal betting is a good strategy. Otherwise, you risk not seeing where one begins and the other ends. You might think that your bookie business is failing, but it could be that your betting is the problem. 

If you’re not familiar with how the layoff account works, here’s a simplified example:

One of your players bets $1,000 on the Bears to cover at -3. No one is betting against that. 

  • If the Bears cover that, you must pay the player his original $1,000 plus another $900. You get to keep your 10% juice which equals $100.  
  • If the Bears don’t cover, you pocket $1,000

That’s a high-risk, high-reward situation. It’s a perfect place to use the layoff account. At one extreme, you can put $1,000 on the Bears to cover at -3. 

  • If the Bears cover, the layoff account pays you $900 ($1,000 – the juice), and you would take that $900 and pay it to your player, along with his original $1,000. That means you broke even. 
  • If the Bears don’t cover, you take the $1,000 your player gave you and give it to the layoff account. Again, you broke even.

The problem with this scenario is that you did all this work without any money to show for it. The good news is that you didn’t risk losing $900. But there’s more than one way to use your layoff account. If you don’t think the Bears will cover the spread, you can just use your account to cover your potential loss of $900.

You’re still taking a bit of a risk, but it’s a lot smaller and might be worth taking. This is how the Vegas sportsbooks tend to lay off their big bets. 

Or you could lay off only $500 of the bet. When to use the layoff account and how much money to put into it is entirely up to you. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools to make your sportsbook successful and growing. We won’t tell you how to be a bookie. We want you to run your business the best way you see fit to make money. 

Join BossAction today and pay only $3 per head until April 16th. That means you get $8 off the regular $11 per head for all of the FIFA World Cup, NFL season, playoffs, Super Bowl, college football, and NCAA men’s basketball March tournament (March Madness). Don’t miss out on your opportunity to make a lot of money during these sporting events and more!

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