You are currently viewing BossAction’s Super Bowl 57 Preview

BossAction’s Super Bowl 57 Preview

What will win out on the day at Super Bowl 57? A team with an excellent offense and excellent defense (Eagles), or one with an amazing offense and a decent defense (Chiefs)? What will be more successful, a balanced team or one with the best offense? Your players can run the analytics, which will say it’s almost even, but with a slight edge toward the Eagles (-1.5) as the favorites. 

It’s not often you get the top two teams making it to the Super Bowl. An underdog usually causes an upset and adds to the excitement. The last time was in 2017 when the No. 1 seed Eagles beat the No. 1 seed Patriots 41-33. A very high-scoring game. 

Accounting for the Unaccountable

When the odds are this close, any unaccounted-for ‘glitch’ can change the game’s outcome. Almost any injury, bad call, or fluke play can make winners into losers or the other way around. As a bookie, keep your limits in, or you could be paying for those flukes for a long time. It might be easier for your players to move to over/under total bets or props so as not to get stung by surprises. 

Once the Buffalo Bills were out, Mahomes and the Chiefs took care of business one game at a time, and Hurts and the Eagles ran over both teams on their way to Super Bowl 57. It feels like an unexpected turn of events is due, don’t you think? Just another reason to keep your limits in and not try to swing for the fences. Oops. Wrong sports analogy. Be happy with the field goals, and don’t just try for touchdowns. 

Place Your Bets!

The current odds are as follows:

Philadelphia Kansas City

Moneyline -125 +105

Spread -1.5 (-110) +1.5 (-110)

Total o50.5 (-110) u50.5 (-110)

The total points have crept up after opening at 49.5. Some sportsbooks predict that both teams will score more than 30 points each. That means it would be a great idea to open up in-game betting so your players can bet on TDs in each quarter. 

Two Important (but Not Damaging) Injuries

Both quarterbacks are playing hurt, but only Mahomes’ high ankle injury is being reported by Kansas City. They say he is healing quickly. He won’t be 100%, but the damage didn’t seem to reduce his abilities in his last game against the Bengals. 

Hurts injured his throwing shoulder in December, but he can easily play an effective running game if he can’t throw. So far, his long ball game hasn’t been impacted. 

Prop Bets to Consider

Your players may get frustrated trying to decide which team will win this one. They can have more fun picking some of the more popular props bets.

Travis Kelce to score 1st touchdown (+650)

Travis Kelce to score anytime touchdown (-125)

Miles Sanders over 59.5 rushing yards (-115)

Result of coin toss: Tails (-105) 

If your players don’t want to spend time researching their bets, get them to pick the coin toss. No skill is involved. There’s no worry about injury or a bad call unless the ref hurts his back while bending over to pick up the coin and his contacts fall out. The coin has landed on heads 27 times and tails 29 times. 

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