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Create A US Online Sportsbook That Rivals the Top Offshore Books

What do the big European Sportsbooks have that individual US online sportsbook sites don’t have? They’re large companies with lots of money behind them, snazzy websites, and a big marketing budget. Their books include the most popular international sports. And their players can jump on any time, deposit some money, and bet on anything they want. 

How do you compete with those deep corporate pockets with your US online sportsbook? You have to create your own website with individual web pages for each of your players so they can log on and make the bets without even having to contact you. That takes money and people to build and manage. That’s too much for most bookies that are just looking to make some extra money on the side. 

Here in the states, we have regular North American sports that we all love watching and betting on. But those offshore books also have international sports like soccer, cricket, international horse racing, and international car racing to name just a few. 

Now, think about all the betting lines for all those games in each of those sports. It costs a lot to provide all that on an ongoing basis. It’s world-class. 

And on top of that, they have virtual casinos on their website. So if there are no sports, their players can bet on the slots, table games, and more. How can you compete with all those features and options? Well… there is a way. 

Why Start Your US Online Sportsbook From Scratch?

As a start, BossAction gives you a free online betting website when you join and all the web pages you’ll need for each player. They log on to their personal page, and off they go to the races. Like the big sportsbooks, we cover all the major North American and International sports – and the not-so-major ones like darts or badminton. Have you ever bet on darts?

You never have to worry about creating any of the lines for every game of every sport. We take care of that too, but you always have control over changing any lines. We also give you the power to limit the amounts your players can bet and alert you whenever they place a bet if you want.

BossAction offers all the standard bets like moneyline, over/under total points, and against the spread. We also provide the lines for props, parlays, and during-the-game live betting. You also get a complete online casino running 24/7. It features all the slots and table games you can expect, along with the option of 3D slots or live dealers.

For Your Poker Enthusiasts

New to our casino is ClubPoker, where you set up poker games and tournaments between your players or between your players and other BossAction agents’ players. The best part is there’s no risk to you. You get the rake from every hand, no matter who wins. Set up tables anytime or create tournaments to rake in profits when no sports games are happening. Keep the profits rolling in year-round. 

What Would You Want in a Payment System? 

We even have some things that those big sportsbooks don’t have. A unique payment system, our Agent Payment Solution, is built into our software. You don’t need to go to other financial systems to get payments from different players. We’ve bundled it all into one place, so you never have to leave the site – neither do your players. 

Give your players the personal touch, forward credit, send over tips, give them deals, or do anything else you’d like. The big European sportsbooks can’t take the time to work with players individually unless they are calling in with problems or complaints. 

You take care of your players. We’ll take care of the software and the games.

March Madness Special $3 Per Head

What’s It Gonna Cost?

To get all the features that the big Sportsbooks have and more, all you have to pay is a per head fee, and you only pay for the active players. So those players that aren’t playing that week, you don’t get charged for. There’s no upfront cost. We don’t charge you for your website unless you want us to customize it. 

We Compete on Your Behalf

Don’t worry about competing with the big sportsbooks or creating a US online sportsbook from scratch. Leave that to us. We’re constantly improving our pay per head software, so your players will never want to go anywhere else. Stayed tuned for new features all the time. For now, join while we have our best offer of only $3 per head until April 16th.

Become a professional bookie with BossAction. Call 1-800-339-4108 today and show those offshore sports books who’s Boss.