You are currently viewing BossAction’s 2023 NFL Draft Preview

BossAction’s 2023 NFL Draft Preview


The NFL Draft happens on Thursday, April 27. Will the Carolina Panthers tab Alabama QB Bryce Young first? Will the Texans pull the trigger on a defensive player or go with a quarterback? Check out everything pay per head agents must know to ensure they profit from NFL Draft Betting. 

2023 NFL Draft – Top 10 Mock

1. Carolina Panthers – QB Bryce Young, Alabama

On Wednesday, Bryce Young’s odds were -1400. On Thursday, the day of the NFL Draft, Bryce Young’s odds are -5000. 

The word is out that the Panthers intend on drafting the diminutive-sized, at least for the NFL, Crimson Tide. Will this be the greatest blunder in Carolina Panthers’ franchise history? Or will it be the one that catapults the Panthers to their first Super Bowl victory? Time will tell. 

2. Houston Texans – DE Will Anderson Jr., Alabama

Most everyone believes DeMeco Ryans begins his stint as the Houston Texans’ head coach by drafting the top edge rusher available. 

Although bookie software agents saw Tyree Wilson’s odds take a massive drop to +130 to be the second player chosen on Wednesday, Anderson leap-frogged Wilson on Thursday morning to offer -150 odds. 

Because the Texans will likely pass on a QB, the Cardinals can shop the third pick. 

Trade prediction – Colts move up one spot, Cardinals move down a spot

3. Indianapolis Colts – QB Will Levis, Kentucky

 Will Levis has enamored the Indianapolis Colts. They love the Wildcat quarterback. Some NFL scouts believe he’s going to be the next Ben Roethlisberger. 

Big Ben scored a couple of Super Bowl trophies as a Steeler. The Colts would be good with that. But Indy, who picks fourth, can’t allow the Cards to shop Levis’ name and the third pick around to teams like Tennessee and possibly the Raiders, a couple of organizations who also love Levis.

So the Colts make a play for the third pick, overspending for sure, to grab the Kentucky gunslinger.  

4. Arizona Cardinals – DL Jalen Carter – Georgia

Carter has much growing up to do, which usually means disaster for a franchise like the Arizona Cardinals. But AZ has a new front office, a new head coach, a new attitude, pay per head bookie agents get the idea.

Jalen is too talented to pass up. When it comes to Carter’s risk versus reward, he’d have to do something way beyond driving drunk, which a lot of individuals his age have done, before the Cards, who require a ton of help on defense, pass up on him. 

5. Seattle Seahawks – QB C.J. Stroud – Ohio State

If the Cardinals, Colts, or anybody, decides to draft Jalen Carter before the Seahawks get a shot at fifth, Seattle might change gears and go for a quarterback like C.J. Stroud.

For some reason, there’s nothing on tape. We checked. C.J. has fallen on down mock NFL Draft boards, and some 2023 NFL Draft analysts even have C.J. falling out of the top ten.

The man can make all the throws, is a traditional NFL pocket passer, and has wheels to get out of trouble. So who knows why, but if Carter isn’t there, Pete Carroll at Seattle will consider choosing the Ohio State quarterback, guaranteed. 

6. Detroit Lions – CB Christian Gonzalez – Oregon 

Detroit needs more cornerback help. Gonzalez should be that guy. He’s got excellent coverage skills and possesses the one thing that makes up for the lack of corner coverage ability – speed. 

CG runs a 4.38 40-yard dash. So if a wide receiver jukes him at the line, his closing speed will allow him to make up ground on the fly route receiver. Speed is the essential asset for a defensive back at the NFL pro level, and Gonzalez has it. 

7. Las Vegas Raiders – QB Anthony Richardson – Florida

After the Raiders signed Jimmy Garoppolo, it was apparent they’d go defense with this pick, right?

Not so fast. Jimmy G. is a walking injury waiting to happen. At no time during his career as a starter has Jimmy played a full 16 or 17 games schedule. Maybe he has, and we don’t know about it. 

In any case, Jimmy is a short-term option. The man will get hurt this season, and when he does, it could be the last time Garoppolo plays football in the NFL.

The Raiders should do the wise thing and draft the best athlete at the 2023 NFL Combine, who also happens to be a quarterback. 

8. Atlanta Falcons – EDGE Tyree Wilson – Texas Tech 

Wilson is a terrific player, and he’ll do wonders for the Falcons’ defense. Also, at pick 8, he represents value.

Pay per head website agents like us saw his odds dive to +130 yesterday and then go back up to +500 odds today to be the second player chosen. If you haven’t yet, set max odds on Wilson to be the second player taken. 

We don’t believe Ryans passes on Anderson for the second pick. But you never know. 

9. Chicago Bears – CB Devon Witherspoon – Illinois

Real bookies have had max limits on Devon Witherspoon as the first cornerback since the odds landed. Witherspoon is a solid corner.

In many ways, he might be a better player for NFL teams than Christian Gonzalez. But C. Gonzo has that blazing speed. Witherspoon runs a 4.46, which isn’t slow, but it’s not exactly blazing. 

The Illinois corner could end up playing more safety at the next level, which will be fine for the Bears, who require as much help in the secondary, heck, on the defense, as possible. 

10. Philadelphia Eagles – EDGE Nolan Smith – Georgia

Jason Hargrave bounced to the San Francisco 49ers. So the Philly Birds will be looking to help the defensive line.

The Eagles don’t have to draft Nolan Smith. Philly is plenty good enough to repeat as NFC Champions with their current roster. Adding Smith, though, would help the Eagles take the next step and lift the Lombardi Trophy.  

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