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Bookie Tips: How To Keep Track Of Super Bowl Contenders [Complete Guide]

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar and bookies can earn big profits if they prepare correctly. With avid players tracking contenders before the season starts, a good bookie needs to outsmart the smartest customers.

Keeping track of the Super Bowl is all about preparation. You need to know what’s happening on and off the field, who’s likely to win, who’s set to lose, and what other factors players can bet on.

Preparing for the Super Bowl as a bookie? Discover how to keep track of Super Bowl contenders and make the most of this lucrative event with our guide.

Understand The Game

Bookies can collect big profits from the Super Bowl. The game might happen only once a year, but for many players, it’s the pinnacle of the sporting calendar. Players will bet on everything from who wins to how long the national anthem lasts.

If you’re a bookie, you probably already have a good idea of how the Super Bowl works. If you don’t, then you need to start building a knowledge base. You have to know more than your smartest players, to ensure you can make a consistent profit.

Familiarize yourself with the details of the upcoming Super Bowl. The host and date are decided years in advance and they can affect the performance of the teams.

With these facts in mind, you can track how the contenders perform in different conditions — and how this is likely to affect their game if they reach the Super Bowl.

Start Tracking Super Bowl Contenders When The Season Ends

The Super Bowl (and the entire football season) can be a busy but profitable time for a bookie. Smart players will be preparing for the next Super Bowl as soon as the current Super Bowl ends. And the bookie needs to be the smartest player if they want to make good money.

Start tracking every team in the NFL as soon as we hit the off-season. There are going to be retirements, injuries, and trades that will completely change how each team looks. 

During the off-season, you can work on creating a system that will allow you to track each team as it progresses through the season. You need it to be easy to use and adaptable.

When the football season rolls around, you need to be ready to start taking bets right away. Future bets, picking a winner before the finalists have been decided, can be very lucrative for the sportsbook.

Track Each Team Separately

32 teams compete in the NFL and only one of them can win the Super Bowl. However, all 32 teams are involved in the fight for the trophy, so all of them are relevant to your sportsbook business.

Track the performances of each team in the NFL individually. Keep track of what they’re scoring, how they win and lose, and what’s going on beyond the field. Throughout the season, you need to be aware of what each team is achieving, and how this will affect your lines.

Keep a summary sheet that will offer a snapshot of each team’s performance. Regularly reassess how well each team is working, as well as how the teams are performing in relation to each other.

Beyond wins and losses, track each team along additional betting lines. How many safeties, how many touchdowns, what is the score spread — anything you might be offering odds on needs to be tracked.

Get Rid Of Any Bias

Most bookies get into the business because they’re already passionate about sports. Although the odds are against them, you still want to see your childhood favorite lift the trophy.

However, when setting lines, you need to do away with any bias. This is easier said than done when you don’t have the facts and figures to back it up. Keeping detailed records of each team’s performance will make it much easier to remain objective.

Consider Additional Betting Lines

Bookie Tips: How To Keep Track Of Super Bowl Contenders [Complete Guide]

When the Super Bowl does roll around, there’s more going on than just the winners and losers. Players will want to bet on everything from the coin toss to the number of safeties. And you have to be prepared to take those bets.

Prop bets can be a big money maker for sportsbooks — or the player, depending on how the game goes. Prop bets are made about the likelihood of an event occurring or not occurring.

For example, a player might bet that no one scores a touchdown or more points are scored in the second half than the first.

Offering multiple selections will allow you to accumulate a better profit. Instead of one revenue stream — who wins and loses — you will have different ways of making money.

These prop bets can also encourage more players to get involved, as there’s more to catch their interest than the end result.

Think Beyond The Field

The final result is determined by more than just what happens on the field. A bad injury can take a team from odds-on favorites to the bottom of the pile. If you only pay attention to the results, you’re missing an important part of the picture.

Keep a close eye on exactly what’s happening outside the field for each team. Subscribe to any news sites reporting on NFL teams so you get information as soon as it breaks.

If a coach leaves, a player is off sick, or behind-the-scenes drama might affect performance, you need to know.

You need to be keeping an eye on these factors before the season starts because you can guarantee some of your players are.

In addition, consider the factors beyond the team. Weather and location can play an important role in who wins and loses.

Check Out The Competition

You aren’t the only person keeping track of the Super Bowl. In fact, you’re one of many, many sportsbooks, all closely watching how every single contender is preparing for the Super Bowl.

You don’t need to track the Super Bowl contenders on your own. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, the lines they’re setting, and the teams they appear to be ranking.

This should supplement your own research. Don’t simply rely on other sites to do the work for you.


The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the season for a bookie, and you need to prepare for it almost as much as the contenders do. Preparation should start before the season does.

Track how each team is performing on the field, what’s happening off the field, and stay aware of your competition.

Remember, for bookies, the Super Bowl is about more than just who wins and who loses. Don’t allow a narrow focus to diminish your profits. Track any factors you might offer a prop bet on and start tracking early. Future bets can offer big returns!

The Super Bowl attracts an eager crowd of smart players who think they know exactly what’s happening. It’s up to you to be an even smarter player.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do People Bet On During The Super Bowl?

People bet on almost anything when it comes to the Super Bowl, with prop bets resulting in massive revenue. From who wins the coin toss to who scores first and who scores last, almost anything happening on or off the field is subject to a prop bet.

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