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College Football 2023 Preview Week 4

College Football 2023 Preview Week 4. Week 3 didn’t have a lot of excitement. There were no ranked team matchups, and everyone was focused on Colorado to see if they could keep the magic going. Well… they did. But it was closer than it should have been.

We have six ranked matchups this week for an exciting and meaningful college football Saturday. Many teams are undefeated, meaning several will walk away with their first defeat.

Ranked Games for Week 4

Saturday, September 23                                                              Odds

  • 1 Georgia (3-0) vs. UAB (1-2) – Georgia (-39, 53)
  • 2 Michigan (3-0) vs. Rutgers (3-0) – Michigan (-25, 45.5)
  • 3 Texas (3-0) at Baylor (1-2) – Texas (-14, 52.5)
  • 4 Florida State (3-0) at Clemson (2-1) – Florida State (-2.5, 55)
  • 5 USC (3-0) at Arizona State (1-2) – USC (30.5, 58.5)
  • 6 Ohio State (3-0) at No. 9 Notre Dame (4-0) – Ohio State (-3, 54)
  • 7 Penn State (3-0) vs. No. 24 Iowa (3-0) – Penn State (-14, 41.5)
  • 8 Washington (3-0) vs. California (2-1) – Washington (-21, 22)
  • 10 Oregon (3-0) at No. 19 Colorado (3-0) – Oregon (-19.5, 70)
  • 11 Utah (3-0) vs. No. 22 UCLA (3-0) – Utah (-4.5, 51.5)
  • 12 LSU (2-1) vs. Arkansas (2-1) – LSU (-18, 57)
  • 13 Alabama (2-1) vs. No. 15 Ole Miss (3-0) – Alabama (-6.5, 53.5)
  • 14 Oregon State (3-0) at No. 21 Wash State (3-0) – Oregon State (-2, 56)
  • 16 Oklahoma (3-0) at Cincinnati (2-1) – Oklahoma (-13, 60.5)
  • 17 North Carolina (3-0) at Pittsburgh (1-2) – North Carolina (-5.5, 50.5)
  • 18 Duke (3-0) at UConn (0-3) – Duke (-23, 48)
  • 20 Miami (Fla.) (3-0) at Temple (2-1) – Miami (-26, 53)
  • 23 Tennessee (2-1) vs. UTSA (1-2) – Tennessee (-19, 56.5)
  • 25 Florida (2-1) vs. Charlotte (1-2) – Florida (-27, 51)

Texas Continues Their Quest to Win the Big 12

The Longhorns take on the Baylor Bears on the road in conference play. This is where they went off the rails last year. But they have an impressive team with one of the most complete rosters in the nation. If they can get past Baylor on the road, they should continue to win. The Bears have not done as well as the Longhorns and will have difficulty taking them down. Texas shouldn’t have a problem beating Baylor, but maybe not by 14 points.

No. 13 Alabama and No. 15 Ole Miss – a Potentially Close Game

The Alabama Crimson Tide are not the dominating force their fans are used to seeing. They lost to Texas, and even in their win against South Florida, they looked sluggish. The Ole Miss Rebels have not had recent success against the Crimson Tide, but that’s when the Tide dominated. Ole Miss could turn things around, but they have some offensive injuries.

If the Rebels are looking for the best time to finally beat the Tide, this would be it. Alabama can win this one, but I doubt they’ll cover the spread. It’ll be a close one.

No. 19 Colorado Takes on Their Biggest Adversary Yet

We can’t write this newsletter without mentioning Colorado’s odds of winning in Week 4. It seems like a stretch, even for them. They’ve climbed up the rankings with three wins and no losses, but it’s come at a cost.

The Buffaloes’ two-way star, Travis Hunter, is expected to miss the game with an injury. Their defense has done well by forcing turnovers. That might not be enough against an offense that can match Colorado’s. Plus, the Oregon Ducks have a stronger defense that could slow down the Buffaloes. Watch for changes to the line. It should be a much closer game than 19.5 points.

No. 22 UCLA Bruins at No. 11 Utah Utes

For fans of Utah’s quarterback Cam Rising, he’s expected to return this week after he was held out to ensure he was healthy. The Utes did well without him, even winning against two Power 5 teams.

The UCLA Bruins has freshman quarterback Dante Moore, who shines as the season progresses. But he hasn’t had to take on any Power 5 teams. The Utes should have no problem handling the Bruins even without Cam Rising. And they can just as easily cover the 4.5-point spread. Keep your limits in. That line may change as news of Rising’s return surfaces.

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