You are currently viewing College Football 2023 Preview Week 5

College Football 2023 Preview Week 5

College Football 2023 Preview Week 5. This is a BYE week for five teams, including No. 4 Ohio State, No. 5 Florida State, No. 15 North Carolina, No. 16 Washington State, and No. 18 Miami.

Three new teams have made it into the top 25 teams. They are No. 23 Missouri Tigers, No. 24 Kansas Jayhawks, and No. 25 Fresno State Bulldogs. That means three previously ranked teams are out: Colorado Buffaloes, Iowa Hawkeyes, and UCLA Bruins.

Ranked Games for Week 5

Friday, September 29                                                                   Odds

  • 10 Utah (4-0) at No. 19 Oregon State (3-1) – Oregon State (-2, 46)

Saturday, September 30                                                             

  • 1 Georgia (4-0) at Auburn (3-1) – Georgia (-14.5, 46.5)
  • 2 Michigan (4-0) at Nebraska (2-2) – Michigan (-18.5, 42.5)
  • 3 Texas (4-0) vs. No. 24 Kansas (4-0) – Texas (-17, 62)
  • 6 Penn State (4-0) at Northwestern (2-2) – Penn State (-25, 45.5)
  • 7 Washington (4-0) at Arizona (3-1) – Washington (-17, 70)
  • 8 USC (4-0) at Colorado (3-1) – USC (-24, 74.5)
  • 9 Oregon (4-0) at Stanford (1-3) – Oregon (-26, 61)
  • 11 Notre Dame (4-1) at No. 17 Duke (4-0) – Notre Dame (-5, 52)
  • 12 Alabama (3-1) at Mississippi State (2-2) – Alabama (-14.5, 48)
  • 13 LSU (3-1) at No. 20 Ole Miss (3-1) – LSU (-2.5, 63.5)
  • 14 Oklahoma (4-0) vs. Iowa State (2-2) – Oklahoma (-20, 48.5)
  • 21 Tennessee (3-1) vs. South Carolina (2-2) – Tennessee (-1, 61.5)
  • 22 Florida (3-1) at Kentucky (4-0) – Kentucky (-3, 46.5)
  • 23 Missouri (4-0) at Vanderbilt (2-3) – Missouri (-12, 56.5)
  • 25 Fresno State (4-0) vs. Nevada (0-4) – Fresno State (-23, 53.5)

Bet on the Ranked Teams for the Most Excitement

There are four ranked matches this week that are sure to be the focus of North American sportsbooks.

  • The 10 Utah Utes visit the No. 19 Oregon State Beavers. The Beavers are somehow the two-point favorites. Oregon State has the ninth-best running game, but they’re going up against the fourth-best run defense. The Utes have almost twenty players on the injury list, including quarterback Cam Rising. Expect the line to move if the Utes have any injured players returning for this game, especially Rising.
  • 13 LSU takes on No. 20 Ole Miss. Computer simulations give Ole Miss a 56.5% chance of beating LSU, while bookies favor LSU. I guess this is where we learn whether AI is smart enough to take over. LSU’s quarterback Jayden Daniels has averaged 338 throwing yards and 530 yards total per game. This one is in the bag for LSU as long as their defense can step up.
  • 11 Notre Dame meets No. 17 Duke on Saturday. The fighting Irish came off of a close loss to No. 4 Ohio State in Week 4, while Duke is still undefeated. Notre Dame missed field goals and dropped interceptions in their loss to Ohio State, but will they have the same problems against a lower-ranked team? I don’t think so. They should cover the 5-point spread.
  • 24 Kansas has to play No. 3 Texas on the road. Both teams are undefeated, but the Longhorns are the clear favorites for this one with a 17-point spread. If Kansas wants to stay in the top 25 rankings, they’ll keep Texas from covering.

Unranked Kentucky is Favored Over No. 22 Florida

Florida lost to Utah in Week 1, but they have won each game since. Their passing game is doing well, completing 77% of the time. But their defense keeps them winning by being No. 1 against the pass in the SEC. They also shorten the rushes against to 3.5 yards per carry.

Kentucky is undefeated, with a defense that has forced multiple takeaways and is strong against the rush. But their defense hasn’t had to hold off any formidable offenses.

I’m not sure why Kentucky is favored by three points in this one. Home-field advantage does count for a couple of points in college football. Maybe it’s AI again? Keep your limits in. This could get weird.

Unranked Colorado is Still in the Show

After their embarrassing loss to Oregon last Saturday, the Buffaloes were dropped from the rankings. However, they’re still in the news because they will meet an even tougher foe – No. 8 USC. Their star player, Travis Hunter, is still on the injury list with a lacerated liver. They aren’t expected to win even if Hunter is healthy, but his presence could keep things interesting.

Hopefully, Coach Sanders has found ways to work around him. USC didn’t come close to covering the spread in Week 4 against Arizona State. If Colorado comes out inspired, they could make it closer than the 24 points USC is favored by.

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