A Guide To

 White Label Sportsbook With PayPerHead Software

A Guide To White Label Sportsbook With PayPerHead Software

With the National Football League and college football season right around the corner, you’ll want to start establishing your sportsbook for results. One way of achieving this is through a white-label sportsbook, one company specializing in this is PayPerHead

It’s important to remember that not all per-head companies work the same. Generally, these companies use legacy software, something that is created outside these groups. 

While these types of software’s can be applicable for PPH sports agents, the outdated software won’t enable bookies to become master agents in the field.

To get the most out of your book, you’ll want to switch from legacy software to proprietary betting software. 

You may be wondering, what is the difference between these two software’s? Well, for one, legacy software doesn’t enable pay-per-head companies or internal updates to include software. 

Although, with the older software, you’re able to get what you want. However, this is only ideal if you don’t wish to expand your sportsbook or make money. 

If you’re looking to reach for the stars, then proprietary software from a professional, leading organization is the route for you. 

With this in mind, this guide explores everything you need to know about creating a white-label sportsbook with pay-per-head software. 

Let’s get straight into it!

What Is A White-Label Sportsbook?

Essentially, a white label is an innovative package that contains all the information you need to operate and launch a sportsbook.

Typically, third-party providers are involved to create a ready-and-waiting casino, racebook, or betting platform providing all the necessary features, such as betting lines, payment methods, platform security, call centers, etc. 

The only job that is left for you is to market the betting platforms and explore potential clients. 

Even though white-label sportsbooks are generally considered ideal for those without means to a massive capital, there are a few limitations to this approach.

For instance, the operator, you, don’t have any rights to choose payment methods, trading strategies, or customization. 

Essentially, the platform is operating on a borrowed system in order to make a profit. 

What Are The Advantages Of A White Label Sportsbook?

When it comes to white-label sportsbooks, there are many advantages, some of which include:

    • Allows the particular operator the chance to enhance their side of the operations, such as gathering clients with the bookie provider doing the hard tasks. 

    • You can launch and begin establishing betting action much quicker.

    • You’re provided with free remote sportsbook maintenance. 

    • You and your players are provided with customer support. 

    • It costs a fraction of the cost to launch this type of service as opposed to any other sportsbook. 

White Label Sportsbook With PayPerHead Software

White-Label Sportsbook Tools & Features

Below, we have listed all the tools and features provided by a white-label sportsbook. However, all these different elements share one common principle: they increase action. 

If online bookie software agents are utilizing action, then the agents won’t be making any money. 

Likewise, accelerating actions is inherently linked to creating more profit. If you’re looking to generate action, the best way to do so is by providing your clients with as many options as possible. 

Below, we have outlined all the top features and tools offered by the software that will increase your action. 

Premium Props

Two features that have become increasingly popular include quarter-line and halftime props. Although, what is more popular than these particular wagers are bets on an individual player’s performance. 

During the football season, if you’re looking to enhance your sportsbook to the next level, you’ll want to utilize premium props. 

The most common types of bets include the wide receiver, quarterback, defensive player props, and running backs. 

80+ Sportsbook

This is among the most obvious tools. However, what agents offer their clients on a betting program is an integral part of a company. 

You’ll find that the successful agents aren’t limited to providing the players with options for the NFL, MLB, and NBA, but also other sports, including rugby, cricket, darks, and other obscure sports such as the American Disc League. 

Here, the key is offering as many options as possible – allowing your players to make the decision on what they are betting on. 

3D Casino

A digital casino provides players with slots, table options, and over twenty-three games.

Although, if you’re looking to gain as much as possible for your players, then you’ll need to provide them with an incredible experience. This is where 3D casinos come in. 

Unlike traditional casino play, 3D gaming is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re providing your players with the best options, this is sure to increase the action. 


While the standard in-game betting features are convenient, the Live+ feature provides you with an overall enhanced experience. 

Here, players are able to access video streams and game stats. This allows them to make more educated decisions, all while promoting action. 

Various Methods For Deposits

The more options you’re providing your players, the easier it is for them to place bets in your sportsbook; thus, the more money you make. 

Different deposit methods, such as debits and credit cards, and cryptocurrencies, enable increased action. 

Payment Solutions For Agents – Online Collections And Payments

Pay-Per-Head software allows agents to make and collect payments online. While this doesn’t sound like a method to increase action, you’re actually providing your players with a quicker payment experience.

Thus, generating more action in your sportsbook. 

Sports Betting

Money Saving Tools & Features

When it comes to bookie websites, the more tools and features you have, the more money and action you generate. 

Below, we have outlined all the best features and tools to help you increase your actions and, thus, the money in your pocket. 

White-Label Sportsbooks Reports

When utilizing the pay-per-head sportsbook software, you’re providing access to various reports. These enable you to undertake various different actions. 

For instance, it gives you an insight into what kind of bets your players are performing.

Plus, here you can provide incredible customer service by using these reports to alert your players of potential bets, add free funds to their accounts, or prescribe enhanced lines. 

Likewise, through these reports, you can easily manage the white-label sportsbook. For instance, you can view what add-ons are on your software, such as 3D casino and Premium Props – as well as view each performance. 

Pay Per Head Promotions

There is a range of promotions offered by pay-per-head that can help save you money. For instance, the software is currently providing its customers with 3 months of cashback. 

Plus, there is also a referral program whereby players can generate up to 17% of monthly referral deposits in a year. 

Bet Alerts

You can use your layoff account to make the most out of your bet alerts. Here, you can establish specific alerts for sports, particular bets, players, or anything else. 

Once you have constructed an alert, you can then use your layoff account. 

Below, we have outlined everything you need to know about utilizing your layoff account. 

Line Mover

With a white label you’re guaranteed to provide your players with the best experience. Hence, when it comes to line moves, you’ll want to adjust these to your customer requests. 

Then, you’ll want to adjust these lines in order to save money. For instance, while these are rare, you can change a false line. 

Layoff Account

Here, your bookie layoff account works in the same way as a player-betting account. Although, the software running your layoff account is a sports betting system. 

While you’re able to place as many bets as possible, it is recommended not to abuse this system. 

Rather, your layoff account should be utilized as a system to help prevent you from performing risky bets.

For instance, you could create an alert for customers who love a particular team, such as New England football games. 

Here, the customer places $1,000 to cover the bet. As such, you receive an alert from this wager placed.

Once it has come through, you can either cancel the bet or reduce the risk by betting the same amount of money or less. This depends on the amount of liability you’ll accept. 

In this example, if New England were to cover, the player would be paid using money in your layoff account. Although, if the team doesn’t cover, then you would collect the money for the player and set it towards your layoff liability account. 

White Label Sportsbook Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make the most out of the sporting season, then you’ll want to establish a white-label sportsbook. One software that can help you achieve this is pay-per-head. 

This software provides you with everything you need to establish a successful sportsbook. Before long, you’re sure to begin seeing results. 

Some notable features and tools include premium props, Live+, and various payment methods to increase action and, thus, your profit.