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How Bookie Agents Should Get Ready for Kentucky Derby Races

Already, horseplayers throughout the world are thinking about the 2018 Kentucky Derby. For online bookie agents, Derby prep races can add as much, if not more, profit than the actual Kentucky Derby itself. Check out what agents must do to prepare for the swath of Kentucky Derby prep races from now until the first Saturday in May.

2018 Kentucky Derby Prep Race Management

Open online racebook for all players – The first thing agents must do is open the online racebook for all players. It doesn’t matter if there are players who have never made a horse racing bet. If you plan on promoting Derby prep races, and you should, it’s important that all players have access to the online racebook.

Set individual player payout exposure for all races – You should set individual player payout exposure for every race in the online racebook. It’s definitely important to set individual player payout exposure for all Kentucky Derby prep races. Total payout exposure means how much in individual player payouts are you willing to pay out in any given race? Is it $1,000, $5,00, $10,000? It’s your sportsbook. It’s up to you.

Set max betting limits for race bet types – Use the mass editing tool to set max betting limits for all players on individual bet types. There’s no reason to allow a horseplayer to bet more than $100 on any straight bet:  win, place, or show. When it comes to exotics, you must raise the maximum to at least 1.5 times higher than what your maximum allowed on straight bets is.

Promote 2018 Kentucky Derby Prep Race

Notate Kentucky Derby prep races – Check out this link for Kentucky Derby prep races taking place all over the world. You’ll want to concentrate on prep races that take place in the United States.

Promote Kentucky Derby about 5 days before the race takes place. Make sure to send a follow-up email, or text blast the morning of the race. This should guarantee that action flows onto Kentucky Derby prep races.

Also, sign up for’s Premium Plan, and check out the TV listings. Many Kentucky Derby prep races should be televised. Run extra promotions around televised Derby prep races.

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