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Should Pay Per Head Agents Increase Betting Limits Before NFL Preseason?

The NFL Preseason takes place in early August. Already, NFL handicappers are strategizing around the new NFL Season so today we’ll look at out top betting tips. The main question for many online bookie agents is whether they should increase betting limits before or after the NFL Preseason.

Should Pay Per Head Agents Increase Betting Limits Before NFL Preseason?

Increasing player limits before the NFL Preseason isn’t a terrible idea. By doing so, agents can encourage heavier action in their sportsbooks. This ultimately leads to more profit. Gaining profit before the NFL Regular Season actually starts puts agents in the black before the real betting begins.

That’s a good thing. But, if agents do increase player limits, they must also do a few things to manage risk.

Sign-up for BossAction’s $3 Per Head Promo

BossAction’s $3 per head promo allows bookies to acquire premium bookie software for only $3 per head. Part of BossAction’s premium plan is access to a line mover. A line mover helps per head agents lower risk because with it agents can change NFL Preseason betting lines. Just by adding or subtracting a half a point agents can ensure they won’t have to refund any wagers.

Take advantage of Boss Pay Per Head’s Current Referral Program

BossAction’s current referral program provides agents an extra 15% on all deposits for a year. The agent referred must be a new BossAction client. Think about that for a moment. 15% extra on all deposits for a year is a lot of money, right?

The reason to take advantage of the referral program right now is because once an agent increases player limits, they’ll most likely have to deposit more money. It makes sense to make the extra 15% on all required deposits.

Use the settle alert tool

One of the absolute must bookie software tools, the settle alert pings agents when it’s time to either make a payout or collect. It’s obvious that if player limits are increased, settle alert tools must also be put in place. This is especially true if betting player limits are increased before the NFL Preseason, so definitely one of our tips. The last thing you want to happen is for players to sit on their hands once the NFL Regular Season starts.

Just as a reminder, online bookie agents can acquire both the $3 per head promo and take part in the referral program. Call a BossAction rep at 800-339-4108 for details.