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Use Betting Software to Manage College Basketball

The 2020-2021 College Basketball Season promises to be one of the most exciting in recent memory, and our betting software allows bookies to offer wagering options on almost every college basketball game. As college football winds down, college hoops will heat up even more. Check out a list of the teams most likely to attract action and how you can use betting software to manage the activity on those teams.

For most of 2020, college basketball fans had a case of the doldrums. For the first time since 1938, the NCAA didn’t play a Men’s College Basketball Tournament. 

In most years, March Madness, or merely the “Tournament,” generates the second most sportsbook profit of any single event. Only the Super Bowl makes more money than the NCAA Tournament.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the NCAA had to cancel the 2020 tournament. But 2020 isn’t over just yet, and if the first week of college basketball is any indication, this season can make up for anything the lost tournament year lacked.

The 2021 NCAA Tournament should be one of the most exciting in recent memory. Already, a massive favorite has emerged, but it’s early. Check out a list of the teams that should attract dollars throughout this season. Then, read about the two ways you can use betting software to make money on the 2020-2021 College Basketball Season.

Players will wager on these five college basketball teams

If pay per head sportsbook agents check out player reports during last year’s college basketball season, they’ll notice that most wagered on the following five teams. That doesn’t mean that players won’t back a team we haven’t added to the list.

It does mean that bookies must use their sportsbook software to manage potential large bets whenever these teams play. Keep reading about the top five before seeing how to handle action on the five.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

Gonzaga isn’t a traditional sport betting favorite among college basketball handicappers. Only recently have the Zags become the most popular team to back against the spread. 

Before the NCAA canceled the Men’s Tournament, Gonzaga had become the chalk to take the title. Why? The Bulldogs had two players that will hoop in the NBA, Drew Timme, and Corey Kispert.

Timme and Kispert are back this season. Coach Mark Few also added freshman sensation, Jalen Suggs. Because Timme, Kispert, and Suggs have dominated, the Zags’ label as a sharp player’s favorite betting option won’t go away any time soon.

Michigan State Spartans

Although the Big Ten is deep this year, perennial college basketball handicapping darling Michigan State will attract the most action. The Spartans beat the Duke Blue Devils on Dec. 1. That will only add to their action drawing allure. 

Duke Blue Devils

Most consider Coach K, the most outstanding college hoops HC in history. He’s won five Final Four National Championships. The man is a legend, and he always sends a top team to the court. No matter who plays for Duke, college hoop bettors will bet on Duke Blue Devil games. 

Kentucky Wildcats

Perhaps the most legendary of all college basketball schools, John Calipari runs the Kentucky Wildcats hoops’ program. Every year, Coach Cal either brings the top recruiting class or the second-best recruiting class to Lexington. This year is no different. College hoop betting professionals know to lay off the Wildcats or bet against them at the beginning of the year. They also know that Coach Cal will have his team poised for a 10 to 12 game run SU and ATS towards the end of the season. 

Kansas Jayhawks

If you know the term Rock Chalk Jayhawk, you understand why sports bettors lay down dollars on the Kansas Jayhawks. So far, Kansas hasn’t lived up to its billing. Gonzaga blasted the Jayhawks in their first game of the season. One game does not make a season, though. Expect Bill Self to have Rock Chalk in a position to score a 1-seed in the 2021 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. Sharp players could see significant action on Kansas the closer we get to March Madness. 

Use sportsbook software to offer wagering on individual college basketball games as well as NCAA Tournament futures

Basketball and football offer the same types of wagers. Individual games provide against the spread and moneyline betting options. At the beginning of the season, players can bet on any league team to win the championship. 

We call that a “future bet.” For sure, sports betting software providers should set max betting limits and max payout limits on all Final Four future bets. 

BossAction agents have access to both a bet alert tool, called the Instant Action Ticker, and a layoff account. Bookies can set up alerts so that they know when a player has made a risky bet. 

Agents can then accept the bet, cancel the stake, or accept and cut risk by making a similar wager in their layoff account. Consider setting bet alerts on games that include the five teams we discussed in the above section. 

BossAction betting software includes the Agent Payment Solution (APS) and the Live+ platform

After importing your players to BossAction, you’ll discover that there’s more than just bookie software. Your BossAction betting software includes an Agent Payment Solution (APS) and an option to upgrade to the Live+ in-game betting platform.

The Agent Payment Solution allows you to make online collections and payments. Your players can also fund their accounts through the APS. 

The Live+ betting platform provides game trackers and video streams. Features and tools like the Agent Payment Solution and Live+ betting platform make BossAction, the best company to partner with for your bookie software. Call a BossAction rep at 800-339-4108 for the latest promotions.