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NFL Futures Betting Update – Chiefs Remain Faves to Repeat

Learn about NFL betting on futures in the 2020-21 season and the way you can promote it to players. Read our NFL betting guide at BossAction.

Is there any sport that brings predictions and hot takes like the National Football League? If there is, we’ve never seen it.

Most NFL games play on Sunday during the week. This allows bettors to have nearly all their wagers settled before Monday.

Every team competes at maximum intensity and preparation by having one game per week and one bye week. Plus, the NFL’s scoring system provides oddsmakers a number to lock on to with field goals at 3 points, and touchdowns and extra points at 7.

The NFL is a sports bettor’s dream. With COVID-19 z soholding back pro sports in 2020, bookies knowing how to promote 2020-21 NFL futures betting to their players is more critical than ever.

Type of 2020-21 NFL Futures Betting at BossAction

The first way to promote your NFL futures product is to know what you’ve got. Here are the NFL bets bookie agents should focus on for the upcoming season.

Odds to Win Super Bowl 55

As we approach the 2020-21 season, Super Bowl talk on all the major media outlets will ramp up. 

Expect new and veteran bettors to put their money where their mouth is.

Currently, the Kansas City Chiefs are favored to repeat at +600. The Baltimore Ravens are presently at +1000. Tom Brady’s move to Tampa has led to +1400 odds on the Buccaneers.

Odds to Win 2021 Most Valuable Player

The next futures bet that should catch your players’ eye is odds to win 2021 Most Valuable Player. At +400, KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes should attract a large chunk of action.

At the age of 24, Mahomes already has a 2018 MVP and the Super Bowl 54 MVP trophies on his mantle. He’s the face of the NFL.

Keep odds to win MVP limits at a manageable level or use bookie software to lower those limits.

Odds to Win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

It’s a QB-led league, so expect heavy action on No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow. Last year one could argue Arizona rookie Kyler Murray garnered the ROY award despite lackluster stats.

That’s because signal-callers are so important that the odds lean in the position’s favor. Bookies may have to limit the money on this bet more than others.

Odds to Win Comeback Player of the Year

Expect a lot of interest in this category. Both Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and New England Patriots QB Cam Newton offer +300 odds. 

Roethlisberger missed most of 2019 with an elbow injury while Newton’s injuries prompted the Carolina Panthers to cut the 2015 MVP via text.

Both have an ax to grind in 2020. NFL futures bettors will notice.

The NFL Wants Business As Usual

The NFL has said the upcoming season will be as “regular” as possible.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be an issue with fans and testing. However, the plan is for teams to travel, tackle, and score like the season’s past.

Bettors will be more comfortable betting on NFL futures when they realize the NFL doesn’t plan on making any big changes that can torpedo future bet investments before the season kicks off. 

COVID ‘Capping

While players may be wary of betting on a COVID-filled NFL season, pay per head agents at BossAction should help them realize this is one of the best moments in history to bet on football.

The chance of underdog futures coming up big has never been higher. COVID doesn’t care if Lamar Jackson is leading the MVP race with four weeks left. If COVID hits last year’s MVP, he’ll be out of the lineup – even if he’s asymptomatic.

That gives life to wagers with long odds, like San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo taking MVP at +3000. Or the Titans winning the Super Bowl at +2800 odds. 

Finding sneaky underdog bets has never been easier. Promoting this should provide balanced action.

Bookies must make sure they keep limits fair to their bottom lines, though.

Know NFL Futures Betting Rules

One of the biggest hurdles bookies may find are bettors unwilling to play due to COVID uncertainty. New sports betting players may worry their sleeper MVP pick in the AFC West will become “No Action” if a favorite like Mahomes gets COVID and misses four weeks.

It’s a bookie’s job to explain that as long as the league plays all 16 games this season, all futures bets have ACTION.

Nothing will stop their wager unless the league suspends games.

Use Boss Action to Promote and Protect Your Futures

In this age of social distancing, bookies must look to pay per head software to run their sportsbooks.

Bookies should partner with a pph sportsbook that allows them to change odds to win Super Bowl LV depending on how COVID-19 affects a roster. Sportsbook operators must also have the option to place max betting limits on all wagers. 

Signing up with a company like BossAction could help bookies get back in the game. We’re running a promotion where aspiring and experienced bookmakers can use our software for $3 per head for 3 months.

Sports are back while the NFL kicks off on September 10 when the Chiefs battle the Texans. A promotion like ours could help any bookie make money.