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Betting on NBA: Playoffs Could Break Record Handle

The 2021 NBA Playoffs tip-off in late May. Based on early reports, this year’s Association postseason could break the record NBA betting handle. Sportsbook software agents should expect a boost in revenue once teams start the quest for the 2021 NBA Finals’ title. 

Like every major sports league in 2020, the National Basketball Association had to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic. The Association went to the bench for months, only restarting once a plan was in place to finish the season and start the playoffs at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

NBA fans and sports betting handicappers also adjusted. The NBA’s restart last August helped produce a month-over-month jump in revenue to $166.9 million.

In October last year, sports betting revenue eclipsed the $3 billion mark for the first time. Gambling revenue stats never paint a complete picture because only a fraction of total online sportsbooks releases revenue information.

No PPH sportsbook agent releases money earned. Pay per head agents should assume total betting on NBA is much higher than recorded stats.

As we head into a typical NBA Playoffs, BossAction agents have a reason to feel bullish. The National Basketball Association stayed away from the political situations that plagued 2020.

More importantly, main stream’s acceptance of sports betting is at an all-time high. Sports handicapping shows like ESPN’s Daily Wager are no long anomalies. Most people in the United States know the terms “moneyline,” “against the spread,” and “over-under.”

The more sports betting becomes mainstream, the better it is for per head agents. Early May saw a dip in betting revenue because the first three week’s top events were the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.

A dip in revenue in early May happens every year. NBA Playoffs betting should boost most sportsbooks. Based on some reports, the gain on the NBA Playoffs should exceed the current yearly average of $50 billion to $80 billion.

Keep reading to discover how you can make more money with BossAction bookie software. If you’re currently a BossAction client, these tips will help you increase your bottom line. If you aren’t a BossAction customer, you should sign up as soon as possible and then use these tips to make more money than you did during the 2020 NBA Playoffs. 

Two most essential tips to making the 2021 NBA Playoffs your most profitable ever

Don’t overuse your layoff account.

A layoff account is a fantastic tool. Bookies like you can accept large bets and then offload risk in your layoff account. But overusing your layoff account can lead to lost profit.

Before getting into the how-to, let’s talk shop. You’re a bookie, which means you should be careful about using your layoff account to gamble. 

Gambling in your layoff account isn’t a problem. You must be careful, though.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk betting on NBA Playoff specifics. On Wednesday, May 19, the Los Angeles Lakers played the Golden State Warriors in an NBA Play-In Tournament game. The odds were close to what we’ve listed.

  • Golden State Warriors +4.5
  • Los Angeles Lakers -4.5

Players hit up sportsbook Reddit pages or call bookie agents looking for more favorable odds. Golden State backers wanted an extra point, boosting the underdog to +5.5. Lakers’ backers called for a more advantageous line on Los Angeles, -3.5 or in some cases -3. 

Most more prominent sportsbooks won’t change lines for specific players. But because you are an individual oddsmaking agent, you can change as many lines as you’d like.

After giving your player their preferred line, you can cut your risk in your layoff account. Don’t always do this. 

Sometimes, you may not want to provide the asked-for spread odds. But if you do, consider cutting exposure via your layoff account. 

Set NBA Playoff betting parlay limits

National Basketball Association handicappers are experts at putting together parlay bets that can damage your sportsbook. The best way to prevent this from happening is to set wagering limits.

Consider keeping parlays to three teams maximum. Anything more than three teams put you into four-digit payout territory because a 4-team parlay pays at least +1000. 

Set a limit of $100, $200 at the most, on all NBA Playoffs parlays. A $200 parlay with 3-teams pays $1,200 because a 3-team parlay is 6-to-1 odds. 

Add BossAction Premium Props to boost betting on NBA Playoffs revenue

Online bookie BossAction agents should see a boost in revenue once the Association postseason starts. But if you wish to make as much money as possible from NBA Playoff betting, you should add Premium Props.

The good news is that Premium Props is often part of our prominent promotion. Since we’re always running a promotion, signing up soon allows you to offer prop options on the NBA Playoffs. 

Also, by becoming a BossAction agent, you can participate in the best referral program in the industry. We pay you $100 right away. Then, you make 15% of your referred friends’ deposits each month for up to a year. 

We’re also giving you a $100 bonus as soon as you sign-up. We provide the $100 sign-up bonus, the $100 for each referred friend, and the 15% of your referred friends’ deposits to help you make cash during the months before football starts. Sign-up soon to keep your sportsbook making money before the NFL season.     

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